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Sao Paulo City Hall announces vaccination against Covid for 29-year-olds on Tuesday and 28-year-olds on Thursday. see calendar Sao Paolo

The City of Sao Paulo announced on Thursday (22) the Covid-19 vaccination program for 29-year-olds from next week: Tuesday (27) will be the turn of 29-year-olds and on Thursday (29) those is 28 (see the diary below).

The new dates have been confirmed by City Health Secretary Edson Aparecido. The announcement came a day after Mayor Ricardo Nunes (MDB) said vaccination of the two groups had not yet been scheduled due to the SP government’s lack of confirmation of dosing in the city.

This Thursday (22), the capital of Sao Paulo is vaccinating the 31-year-old team, which consists of about 151,000 people. On Friday (23), it will be the turn of 30-year-olds, which will include about 154,000 people in the city, according to the municipal administration.

To be vaccinated, you must provide proof of residence in the capital and an identity document.

In the video below, understand why you should not choose which vaccine to take:

Vaccine and Covid-19: Should I choose the vaccine or wait to get what I want?
Vaccine and Covid-19: Should I choose the vaccine or wait to get what I want?

Vaccine and Covid-19: Should I choose the vaccine or wait to get what I want?

  • TRT confirms dismissal by SP of a hospital cleaning assistant who did not want to be vaccinated against Covid
  • Delay with the 2nd dose of the Covid-19 vaccine was reduced by 13% in 24 hours in the SP condition

Updated vaccination calendar in the capital:

  • Thursday (22): 31 years old – 151 thousand people
  • Friday (23): 30 years – 154 thousand people
  • Saturday (24): Repechage for those aged 30 and over and 2nd portion for all teams.
  • Monday (26): 2nd dose of Pfizer for 652 pregnant women at home who have been taking Astrazeneca + recap for 30 years or more.
  • Tuesday (27) and Wednesday (28): 29 years old – 143,000 people
  • Thursday (29) and Friday (30): 28 years old – 145 thousand people
  • (Dates of other age groups have not yet been released by the city)

According to the town hall, the city of Sao Paulo exceeded the mark of 9 million doses applied against Covid-19 on Wednesday (21), reaching 75.5% of the eligible population immunized with at least the first dose against Covid-19. 19.

In total, 6.6 million first installments were implemented in the city by Wednesday, another 2.1 million second installments and 305 thousand single installments.

The entire network will be operational for vaccination this Monday: 468 Basic Health Units (UBS). mega stations with pedestrian access, stations that operate exclusively in the transmission system and in the network of cooperating pharmacies. The vaccine is also available in Integrated AMA / UBS, Special Care Service (SAE) units and in Health Centers. (See the full list of addresses)

Through the Philometer, it is possible to monitor the waiting status at the vaccination sites against Covid-19 operating in the city.

See the priority groups that can already be vaccinated in the city of SP

  • People with comorbidities over 18 years
  • People without co-morbidity over 31 years
  • Persons with permanent disability, BPC beneficiaries, over 18 years old
  • Persons with permanent disabilities (beneficiaries outside BPC) over 18 years
  • Pregnant and postpartum women (up to 45 days after delivery), over 18 years, without comorbidities
  • Pregnant and postpartum women (up to 45 days after delivery) with comorbidities (over 18 years)
  • Congonhas Airport Employees – Airport Employees and Auxiliary Air Transport Services
  • Aeronauts – employees of national airlines
  • Health professionals over 18 years old
  • Health students in the last year of education
  • Students in the technical field of health, in the last year and in the internship
  • Public transport workers (drivers and collectors)
  • Metro and railway (safety, maintenance, cleaning and front-line station agents aged 47 and over, as well as train operators of all ages)
  • People with Down syndrome over 18 years old
  • Patients in replacement kidney therapy over 18 years
  • Recipients of immunosuppressed grafts over 18 years
  • Education professionals over 18 years
  • Homeless registered in the Reception Centers
  • Employees in public and private cemeteries in the city of Sao Paulo
  • SMADS employees in immediate assistance to vulnerable people
  • Employees in immediate assistance to the vulnerable of the SMDHC
  • Homeless over 18 years
  • Indigenous peoples living in indigenous areas over 18 years
  • People aged 18 and over with a disability, living in apartment buildings without exclusions (statutory)

VIDEO: See more about SP and the metropolitan area

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