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PSDB's Social Democrats End, It's Over Time, says Alberto Goldman – 11/11/2018 – Power

At 81, with nearly 50 years of political life, former governor Alberto Goldman, one of the historical thieves who are still active, is not surprised by anything else.

In his comfortable apartment in Higienópolis, he follows the news and is not worried about the attack of João Doria's rival to get the PSDB.

PSDB deputy until last year and executive member, Goldman will oppose unconditional attachment to Bolsonaro, as Doria desires, and does not believe the party will end or undergo a new split, as it did when it entered the Temer government .

In post-election talks, former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso revealed his fear that the PSDB will end. Q. Do you also have this fear? I'm not afraid it will end or it will continue. The parties are political activity bodies and, if they are no longer useful, we can reform or change this instrument.

Doria wants to predict and propose the PSDB Mandate Exchange, scheduled for next year, at a party meeting on November 22nd. Possible; If he depended on him, he would be yesterday, but he is just a elected governor, basically with the votes he won in the alliance with Bolsonaro. From this executive meeting, we will approve the contracts in May and we will be planning a conference to review the program.

Of the 29 MPs from the PSDB federal bench, 15 have already stated that they intend to integrate the Bolsonaro base. Can the party break again? A fundamental element for the future is that the party has a unity of action, not a unity of thought. After the disaster that we have suffered in the elections, this division will never happen again.

After the elections, Doria announced "a new PSDB, my PSDB, a party that has a side". Is the FHC-Alckmin-Serra cycle, the Tucans that have been in control of the party since its inception? A cycle in which the PSDB has created a social democratic trend has been completed, but I have to think again because the country has not taken this course. So this cycle, of course, is a time that has passed. Now, saying that after this time João Doria will take the storm party, I think it's too early. Even because, in the case of Doria, he does not have a political-ideological vision, he is a pragmatist. If today hung in Bolsonaro, he could hang on Lula tomorrow. Joao Doria in politics is an adventurer.

K. was opposed to his nomination for mayor and then governor but won the two elections. He knew how to take advantage of a disliking movement and was elected to the first round for a mayor. But for the governor, he had only 32% of the votes in the capital, a very strong loss. As it grows, the greater the fall.

PT, PSDB and MDB were hit hard by Lava Jato in a wear that ended up leading to Bolsonaro's victory. For analysts, New Democracy is over. What will come? PT has been the most important character of the past decades, because it not only created PT with the power it showed but managed to destroy what would be a social democracy. Some time ago, for them, all the straits in Brazil were PSDB and Temer. Was not they responsible? And so they opened the doors to the most radical right, which brought to it a conservative space of society, the anti-cast vote, which was once in the PSDB.

Was it then the PT who elected the Bolsonaro? Somehow, yes, with the valuable help of the bold members of the Federal Public Ministry. Below the name of ethics, they began to destroy what was sick in the political system and what was still healthy. The healthy one is destroyed and I do not know if it can recover. Weeds, however, usually revive.

On Twitter, former governor Geraldo Alckmin criticized Bolsonaro's offensive against the press, especially Folha, contrary to the position adopted by Doria. Is democracy threatened? Democracy is not threatened. The majority of the population did not vote in favor of the two candidates. It was a choice of opposed anti-candidates. Alckmin's quick reaction shows that the chairman of our Alckmin party has not died. This demonstration reveals that all democratic forces, although in part, joined Bolsonaro to defeat PT, survive and are strong.

In Sao Paulo, Commander Alckmin had two stages, with Doria and France, and ended up defeating Bolsonaro. What happened; At the moment, Doria managed to mark Márcio França as Pestista, Socialist, Communist, the election was decided with only 3.5% difference. He was more tightly attached to Bolsonaro. He's a smart guy. He would not have been smart but determined, bold and absolutely unscrupulous.

As you are seeing the first moves of the future Bolsonaro government, especially with Paulo Guedes in charge of the economy? In the case of Paulo Guedes, he is a man who has made a lot of money by trading stock, with the Stock Exchange, who has always worked in the financial sector. Imagining that such a person can lead the economy of a country seems very difficult. It does not mean that we all do not want to work. Because we are all in the same boat and if the boat sinks, the opportunists will always have a stick to hold, and the rest will sink.

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