Thursday , August 5 2021

Project viewer returns to the south of the state with 990 cataract surgeries

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The Ver project, a joint effort of ophthalmic surgeries by the Health Ministry (SES / SC) in collaboration with charity hospitals, is returning to the south of the state in November. On Wednesday 14, cataract surgeries began for 207 patients from the Carboniferous area (Amrec) at St. Mark's Hospital in New Venice. From Thursday 15 to Sunday 18, 783 patients from the Laguna (Amurel) area will also be subjected to cataract surgery at the Santa Teresinha Hospital in Braço do Norte.

By October, Project Ver has already returned the vision to 21.7 thousand inhabitants of Santa Catarina. "The demand for selective ophthalmic surgeries was the largest in the state, more than twice as much as the second, with Project Ver, we will reduce the queue to 90% of that specialty." People who have been waiting for years to see again today are fulfilling one a dream of life, "Health Minister Alikio Kazagrande said.

According to the SES / SC Design and Management Commissioner Grace Ella Berenhauser, the cooperating hospital offers the installed capacity and undertakes to provide eyeglasses and eye drops for post-operative treatment with surgical interventions funded by state and federal governments. Each patient undergoes preoperative consultation and two postoperative visits the next day and 30 days after surgery. The municipal health secretaries send the patients according to the tail entered into the regulation system (Sisreg).

In May, Nova Veneza's hospital performed 450 cataract surgeries and Project Ver.

The cataract is a disease characterized by the loss of transparency of the lens of the eye, a natural lens whose function is to provide the focus of vision at different distances. The main cause is the aging of the lens, which is very common in the elderly population. However, illness can also be caused by secondary factors such as diabetes, indiscriminate use of eye drops or corticosteroid drugs, strokes, eye infection and smoking.

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