Saturday , December 5 2020

Paulo André loses training and is in doubt at Atlético-PR for a semi-final

Atlético-PR closed on Tuesday to prepare for the duel with her Fluminense, on Wednesday, at Arena da Baixada, for the semi-final South American Cup. On the field that will take the fight, coach Tiago Nunes made the last adjustments before the decisive confrontation.

Tiago also gained concern about the confrontation. Defender Paulo André was not involved in the activity, thanks to a foot problem, and he was questioned. If he can not act, the tendency is for Thiago Heleno to form his pair of back-the-scenes aggressor with Léo Pereira. Regardless of who will act, the coach showed confidence to his commanders.

"We are very focused on the game, as we did in other fights," he said. "In every match played, the first goal is to try to be a champion." I have given athletes the opportunity to enjoy at this time, to share with our fans and to fight hard to win this unprecedented title. "

Atletico-PR is confident of their big back-to-back record as they created a semi-final advantage. Until Bahia's defeat last week, which preceded the penalty triumph and the semi-final, the Paraná team had 12 consecutive wins in the Baccalais Arena. Tiago does not want this to exert further pressure on his players.

"We managed to tackle the game with each game, knowing the importance of each phase, we focused on the effort to preserve naturalness, doing a lot more than we have already done, reinforcing the positive aspects of the team and trying at the moment, a pressure scenario, give athletes the peace of mind to play their football, "he said.

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