Tuesday , May 11 2021

Palmeiras to debut a new outfit in a friendly tribute to Zé Roberto

Palmeiras's new Palmeiras similarity debut will be held in a friendly match in honor of Zé Roberto, former Verdão player and head of today's team. The commemorative game should be held on January 13 – it can be changed. The information comes from the site More

According to the publication, the fight will be between Zé Roberto's friends against Palmeiras veterans. The original plan was for the current manager to play the friendly against Bayern Munich's main team, but it will not be possible due to the schedule of the games.

In the German team, he has won four national championships, three German Cups and two other German Cups. For Verdão, the former player put the Cups of the Brazilian Cup in 2015 and the Brazilian Championship in 2016.


In 2017, Zé Roberto announced his retirement at the end of the season and accepted the invitation to head a team where he made the connection between the high dome and the players.


The materials company will replace Adidas from January when it begins to seal its mark on the Uniform of Verdão.

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