Thursday , August 5 2021

Mel Maia makes a racist joke, criticizes his fans and apologizes

The actress Mel Maya paid a small tonight on Tuesday after publishing a photograph to his Instagram with a face mask and the following legend: "KKK ku klux klan," a 19th-century racist organization that supports white supremacy. Then you saw it, people saw it, began to get enough prints and rushed to Twitter to express their rebellion to the fact that the young woman was referring to society.

When he realized the influence he took, he ran out of the photo and then wrote a small name apologizing: "I made a pointless place, but I went to the evil, I never wanted to insult ngm !!!! at no time did not say he would support … forgive me qqr thing ".

He also said that he was hungry for all that was a name and tried to reduce the scale of the problem: "many people who called me garbage, asshole, ridicule, racists … for that, but I did not put it in my mind from you ". See the photo and the apology:

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