Monday , November 23 2020

Income Tax 2018: Federal Fiscal Index Publishes Question in 6th Lot this Week

Income Tax 2018: Federal Revenues announce the consultation in the 6th batch this week. The Internal Revenue Agency will announce on Friday 9th at 9am the consultation of the sixth IRPF 2018 (base year 2017). Verification can take place via the website or Receitafone 146. The money will be available for withdrawal from the 16th day. The credit will be credited to the account indicated by the taxpayer in the annual adjustment statement.

This is the penultimate round of IRPF returns 2018 will also look at the remaining returns for the years 2008 to 2017. The last batch will be released in December.

This time, credit will benefit 1,142,680 taxpayers, worth more than $ 1.9 billion. From this total, $ 206,822,287.22 will be paid to the elderly and the disabled, with 4,554 citizens over 80, 35,235 between 60 and 79, 4,750 with some physical or mental disability or serious illness and 18,750 people of income is the Magisterium.

The money will be repaid at the basic interest rate. In the case of returns for 2018, the correction will be 4.16% (Selic fluctuation from May to November of this year). Older returns for 2008 will be corrected to 106.28% (correction applied from May 2008 to November this year). Check below:

If the money is not in the account

If the person has been included in this batch but the money is not credited to the account indicated by him, you should look for a bank of the Brazilian Bank (BB) or call the institution's service center via the 4004-0001 (uppercase) , 0800-729-0001 (other locations) and 0800-729-0088 (special phone only for hearing impaired people).

In this case, the interested party may schedule a current account or savings account, on his behalf, to any other bank.

One year to get back

The refund will be available to the bank for one year. If the taxpayer fails to repay within this deadline, he / she must request a refund via the Internet by completing the Online Payment Claim Request Form or directly at the e-CAC in the DIRPF Export Processing Service.

Who has not been included in any batch

The last regular batch of rebates will be released in December (with cash at 17). After that, the Internal Revenue Service will proceed to release residual lots from those who have fallen into the fine mesh. If you want to predict, you can check your situation right away.

In the question on the IRS page, in the e-CAC service, you can access the snippet of the statement and see if there are discrepancies between the information specified by the processing. In this case, the person concerned can sort out the situation by submitting a IRPF rectifier statement.

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