Friday , April 16 2021

Ilan Goldfajn asks Members to proceed to a plan of autonomy in BC.

Central Bank President Ilan Goldfajn paid a visit outside his official agenda on Wednesday to ask Parliament's leaders to move forward this year to work on the Central Bank's autonomy. Although MEPs have no prospect of when the agenda should be put to the vote, many are in favor of continuing the debate.

At the meeting, according to MPs, Goldfajn spoke of the importance of the issue. According to the head of government in the room, Vice-President Aguinaldo Ribeiro (PP-PB), most of the leaders who participated in the meeting, held at Rodrigo Maia's office (DEM-RJ), supported the request. "Today we are starting a discussion on this issue that would be relevant to the stability of the country's monetary policy," Ribeiro said.

"He has defended the fact that we have a different reality in Brazil than the 50 richest countries in the world and that all of these countries have autonomy in their Central Bank. This is a matter that has been discussed in the Chamber for some time and which has been put to the leaders the opportunity to move on to this debate, "he said.

Toucan Nilson Leitão (PSDB-MT) said he believes it is still possible to pass the bill later in the year and that his party agrees. The MDB leader in the House, Ballet Rossi (SP), also said his party is favorable as it can move on to this House in this parliamentary term.

The project, however, finds resistance to the opposition parties who want to further discuss the issue. "It was clear that there are many places with differences," said Alessandro Molon (PT-MG).

The draftsman, federal deputy Mr Celso Maldaner (MDB-SC), says the current government is in agreement with the report and the Bolsonaro government transition group has also followed suit. The Central Bank and the Government moved, even before the second round of elections, to issue this year's blessing bill for BC. For years, operational, administrative and financial autonomy was one of the municipal flags as part of the Agenda BC + and the long-term pursuit of the institution. The vision is that this autonomy will guarantee the de facto independence of the Central Bank in decision-making, but as the issue is controversial, governments have always had difficulty in submitting the proposal to Congress. government of the elected President Jair Bolsonaro, there is the defense of the independence of BC.

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