Tuesday , March 9 2021

“Genesis” wins “Jornal Nacional” in two capitals and Globo changes strategy – 01/22/2021

Greatest success of his dramaturgy Record since 2016, “Genesis” has done it Sphere review your planning strategy. Before with three commercial breaks, the “Jornal Nacional” he now has only two breaks this week.

The care is explained: the biblical plot made the audience for the program grow significantly and came to win the news in two capitals.

In Salvador (BA), the booklet came in first place with a little loose: 22.3 points against 20.5 of the opponent. Already at Gonia (GO) was 21.5 points against Globo 19.3, according to data from Kantar Ibope.

On average the National Television Commission, the difference between “Genesis” it’s the “Jornal Nacional” was less than 8 points: 15.4 versus 23.8 points.

In Sao Paulo, the soap opera averaged 16.2 points in the chapter showing Cain (Eduardo Speronikilling Abel (Caio Manhete). In the confrontation with the news, the difference was 10 points.

In Sao Paulo, the plot grew 58% from one week to the next, taking into account the average of the first three chapters.

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