Saturday , October 16 2021

Some 1,200 people took part in the Labor Day in Namir

Currently, some work classes in Forem have a reversed age pyramid (44% of trainers and 21% of consultants are over 55). If Forem wants to secure the transfer of skills and continue to provide foreground training, it has to find new talents.

By 2020, 387 positions are available and the desired profiles are multiple. A total of 171 consultants, as well as 146 field trainers or 43 computer specialists, are required. This recruitment day should also allow for the creation of a reserve of applications.

Of the 1,200 participants, at least 575 have already announced that they will apply, that is, about one in two.

"This is a great success for the first and this number of applications is very encouraging, especially as it is expected to increase in the days and weeks," said Thierry Ney, Formal spokesperson. "86% of the visitors also said they were happy with the organization."

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