Preud'homme après la défaite à Gand: "If he does not have the rule of law, he will have to leave a point"



"He is on the way to one minute," and admitted Renaud Emond to the issue of the standard of the Gand (2-1), which has been sold to the Jupiler Pro League.

"Ils ont été meilleurs que nous dans les duels, dans agresivité", continue-t-il. "It's a good thing," he said, adding that he was going back to the end of his life. tard. It is not a comment that expliquer and that he has a substitute for the controversy over the gross of the equipments.

Jean-Luc Dompé: "Cette victoire est important pour nous"

"If you do not have a problem with the game, it is a problem that matches your difficulty, so you can see that you have a chance to have a chance to get married. bien commencé 2019 avec que des victoires et un null et puis on fait ces résultats négatifs. In this case, you have to go to the page, which is the first time that you have to ask for what to do and what to do The staff is not entitled to a claim, a right to a match. "

Dylan Bronn: "I've been concentrating on matches."

"It is a matter of course, because it is a matter of reuniting against the enemy, and that it is the fault of the resurrection, the judges. pas faire d'erreur.As a result of the match, he has won a few clubs with Anderlecht, what we have just gotten on a step-by-step approach, he was concentrating on matches with venir. "

Michel Preud'homme:

"It is crois que tout le monde l'a vu, he n'a pas joué. It is not a part of Ochoa et Vanheusden, and he said that he thought that he was a beaucoup d'espace and he was not réussissait rien, ni offensivement, ni défensement. On the basis of the experience of the football team, you will be confident that you will be able to play the game. The fact that it is true that it is a matter of course, that it is a matter of law for it, and that it is a matter of law, is crois qu'on aurait pu have moins ramener a point and step gagner what match.


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