Philippe Geluck: "This album is my side Mister Hyde"


When the cat is not there, Philippe Geluck boils. By leaving the tomato in the basket at the end of the year, the designer publishes an album of texts and plans of reality, 3e volume of a trilogy called "Geluck pete les plombs". Just arriving from Brussels, in front of a coffee, gives us the often sharp eyes of our time. Without chewing his words.

Is it necessary to quit the conversation?

PHILIPPE GELUCK. Yes. I allow myself a little more violent things than in "The Cat". This is my dark side of power, my side is Dr. Geluck and Mr. Hyde …

You are actually more garbage …

I have to be a bit worse sometimes. I'm so nice to really … It's a matter of tuna. I can not put it in "Chat". I have 8-year-old children who read me … While with devotion, my grandmothers say: "We love when we let go.e age …

Are you really crazy right now?

All this laughs. I am not a lecturer. But it's true that for some time, I'm really on the verge of taking the lead.

In real life, what can make you crazy?

There is an espresso machine in the office for which I feel hate. I do everything right … and refuses to walk … unnecessarily. I wonder if, as there is artificial intelligence, it's not an artificial vice …

And in the world, what in a rebellion?

It is clear that the gap between the richest and the poorest is growing exponentially. How far will it go? In Europe, if we manage to limit tax fraud, we could solve the debt problem entirely.

How is Geluck angry?

I do not scream, I never raise my voice. If someone hurts me, I shake their jaws and say to myself: "You do not miss anything to wait …" And I avenge myself in my own way … with a vivid plan, for example.

If I tell you … Donald Tromba?

Three times in the book … Great cartoon character … But I have a real problem with him. We all know benefactors of humanity. Trust is a villain of humanity! It's a real dirty beast.

The World Cup and the fight against Belgium?

Honestly, the Belgians are almost happy for you. We, we are a small country, we often ridicule, we are accustomed … It was almost surreal to imagine our world champions. It is true that the French have closed the game a lot, but it was not necessary to imagine that it would be a recessed game.


/ Philippe Geluck

Radical Islam?

In my observations, I do not want to offend anyone in his beliefs or beliefs. I do not offend symbols. I address the excesses, the abuse, the woman's submission … If I harmed jihad terrorists, absolutely monsters, in their little heart, I have the right. It is still much worse than others.

Johnny's Heritage TV?

I have a huge love for him, he was a moving guy and a cat fan. But why stop your money elsewhere! And what about the national tribute that was given to him and another great fraudster, Aznanuur. I respect these artists, but this is unethical and almost incitement to fraud …

Weinstein and #MeToo;

I want to tell women that I am with them. Personally, I have always tried to convey values ​​of respect, behavior with dignity. But we must note that the burka imposed until Weinstein, the liberation of women still has a way to go.

Do you limit humor?

Yes. Do not offend people who can not defend themselves. The powerful, on the other hand, do not bother … Otherwise, I will not come the prophet. But I have never done it before.

Do you have some non-republication in a drawer?

Yes, I have some plans. But I will not tell you who …

Do you let go longer as you get older?

Yes. People know me better and better. I think they know that I am a man of belief and that if I do black humor, mad, it is always for laughter in the second degree.


Designer Philippe Geluck in the Paris Regiment, with full inspiration for the Tuesday newspaper. / LP / Jean Nicholas Guillo

Do not you feel that you can laugh less about everything today?

Times change. I grew up at a time when the second degree was almost the norm. But humor is not a world language … There is a pedagogy to be done in the second degree. My generation thought it was acquired, and it's no longer a concept shared by everyone.

Social networks, do you like it?

From the beginning, I'm suspicious. I felt that there would be a way to publish what we write on the wall of the toilets … Sometimes I feel that some blogs are a graffiti collection, a not too high level … And I have the impression that ultimately tends to shrink the world rather than to expand.



"Geluck Fills Lead", by Philippe Geluck. Ed Casterman. 144 pages. 20 euros. also "The Cat, the Best Out, Volume VI". 50 pages. EUR 11,95.


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