Wednesday , October 20 2021

Italy: a white trumpet Alba sold for 85,000 euros


A white truffle of 850 grams was auctioned at 85,000 euros, or 100 euros per gram, on Sunday at the 19th global auction held in Alba, near Turin, according to AFP.

The sale was made in connection with Hong Kong, where the buyer of white truffle, whose identity was not revealed, was found.

Every year for 88 years, the city of Alba, Piedmont, hosts for nearly two months a large white trumpet exhibition during which the auction is conducted.

The white truffle of Alba, collected from September 21 to January 31, is extremely famous.

"It is characterized by a strong smell, which causes romantic encounters, forests, nature, is very impressive," Antonio Degiacomi, president of the National Truffle Study Center, told AFP.

The harvest is excellent this year, both in terms of quality and quantity, after a difficult season last year.

"This season is very positive because there was rain in July, July and August and the storms that could give a good supply of water. And the truffle, as we know, is a degraded mushroom, so it takes a season like she said, "Degiacomi said.

"Last year, due to the drought that led to a low harvest, we reached 600-700 euros per 100 grams," said Degiacomi.

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