Monday , April 19 2021

Europa League: Private Cimirot is ready to fight

Thesoldier. The nickname that his teammates lived shortly after arriving in Liège in late January 2018, suits him perfectly. Gojko Cimirot, because he is the one he's talking about, is indeed a perfect soldier. Sage, disciplined, respecting the instructions and always ready to go to battle. "If we call him a soldier, he is because he always reacts and fights in all the balloons as if his life depended on it", says teammate Samuel Bastien, who admits to discovering "A great player, who always gives the best for the team and makes him the best good". This pseudonym is not surprising Danijel Milicevic, the wing of Eupen, who rubbed his shoulders with the Bosnian national team: "I did not know it, but I guess it refers to his discipline and his listening." The coach does not have to repeat the instructions several times, he understands and applies them, Cimirot has a good understanding of the regular requirements … "

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