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After Pokemon Go, Niantic launches "Harry Potter Wizards Alliances"


Niantic releases his latest Augmented Reality game, dedicated to the Harry Potter series.

After the Pokémon Go in 2016, the American company launches its new Harry Potter Wizards Unite game this Friday. And as its name implies, the Niantic studio this time put the scar on the world of the famous driver.

"Players will learn spells, explore the city and their neighborhood to discover and fight the legendary creatures"Niantic said when he introduced his new interface. The game is based on real-world maps and, thanks to the augmented reality, users will be able to discover, through their smartphone screen, "traces" of the world of enchanted people. Using magical wires and spells to defeat the virtuos, virtual wizards can work together to solve the mystery of "Destruction" that has fallen into the imaginary world.

Available on Android and iOS from Friday in the United States and the United Kingdom, "Harry Potter Wizards Unite" has not yet been announced in Belgium. If the launch is the same as the Pokémon Go, the game could come out later this month, shortly, in other countries in the world.

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