Thursday , May 13 2021

Two women were killed in a road accident in Sapahar across the country

Two women were killed in a traffic accident in Sapahar

Two women were killed in a conflict between Vabayat and Van in Sappahar of Vujavat of Naygjon. The accident occurred at the site named Gorahati in the turban at noon on Saturday.

The dead were identified as Monirara Begum (35), wife of Anwarul Islam, wife of Kahir (50) and wife of Haraz Ali of Bhiparpur village.

We know that Kinnar and Monowara went to the house of relatives in the village Ali Nagar on the mountain on Saturday night. They were seriously injured when they confronted face to face with Bhutavati and Van. After their rescue at the local hospital, their teacher doctors declared them dead.

Saphahar Thana official officer (OC) Shamsul Alam Shah told reporters that the police went on stage and regained their body and took over the police. Their relatives will actually be delivered to the body.

Ittefaq / BAF

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