Tuesday , October 19 2021

This time Cynthia in the online series


Cynthia Yasmin Nupur came to the media with a talent search contest called “Best Dancer”. Be the first to run in this competition. Since then, the young model and actress has been working in dance and acting at the same time.

Although he has played in dramas regularly, this time we will see him in the online series. Cynthia stars in two online series together. These are Shaheen Sumon’s “Mafia” and Tanim Parvez’s “Ara”. Cynthia plays the central role in both.

In this context, he said, my ideal in dance is Sadia Islam Mau Apa. It is the inspiration for all my work. I want to build my life like him. However, I would like to pay special attention to dance choreography. As an artist, I want to be dedicated forever. I have already worked on two web series. Very optimistic about the series.

The first play starring Cynthia was “Golden Bird Silver Bird” directed by Salauddin Lavlu. Recently, the popular serial drama “The Director” was completed under the direction of the same director. He has also acted in plays directed by several directors, including Mannan Hira, Nazneen Chumki, Golam Sohrab Dodul, Arif Rahman. Cynthia is also very interested in working in cinema.

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