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Think of the last fight in every fight, Mushfiq is his father


Bangladesh would like to see Mousifi fight in the next three fights. Photo: Shamsul Haque

Mushfiqur's father, Rahim Mahbub Hamid, goes to England to inspire the boy.

"Mushfiq prepared himself for the World Cup this year, he was sure, and he would score over a hundred." Earlier, I was disappointed with 78 of a fight, but Mushfiq has not lost his confidence in the fact that it will take a century.

Mushfiqur's father Rahim Mahbub Hamid spoke of his feelings after the century of Australia against him. The century of Mushfiq was Bangladesh's greatest achievement despite the loss of the fight. As a third Bangladesh, Mushfiq has a century in the World Cup, also helps bowlers such as Mitchell Starc and Pat Cummins. The father of Mushfiq is now flying to England to inspire the boy more.

Asked by the first light, Mahbub Hamid said: "Centurion in the fight on Thursdays raised Mushfiq's trust, and now I'm waiting for another century from his bat, and if I'm in the gallery, Mushfiq is more excited. he goes to England to encourage him.

Earlier, Mushfiqur scored 78 without leaving South Africa in the first race but did not score a century. In the World Cup, there was a lack of uncertainty that he scored an undefeated 102 against the five-time world champions. The father is pleased with his entries, "Mushfiq returned back to the form with a century against Australia, from the beginning I saw the feeling of trust in his eyes, he was very cool all over the fight, Mahmoudullah has a good combination.

Mushfiq's father also gave some suggestions to encourage the boy: "This will not stop to success. Better to play in front. Each match must be held in the last career match. "

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