Tuesday , January 26 2021

The worker killed again in Companyganj's Shah Arefin Tila

In the company of the Sylhet region, there have been cases of labor death in Shah Arefin Tila again within a week. Three more workers were injured in it. On Sunday (November 11th), Shah Arefin Tila, working in the village of Jiaaliarpar, Hussiar Ali and the Ismail Ali group, took stones on stone stones and collapsed in the collapse of a Sonai Mia worker (25). He is a resident of the Netrokona district.

In the daily salary contract, he works to lift the quarry hole for about six months and a half, police said.

Eyewitnesses said that the night falls into the hole and collapses while lifting the stones of the garment. After receiving the news, the body of the dead was saved by the police and sent to the Sylhet Osmani Hospital.

Tajul Islam police station confirmed the issue, the police regained the body of a worker named Sonai Mia by Shah Arefin Tila and sent him to the hospital. He died after falling from the holes in the lifting stone.

When the incident happened in a car queue, he said: "The police have some names from the locals, and they are verified.

Earlier on November 4, Shah Arefin Tilah was injured in the collapse of a hole in Abra Ali's son Ibrahim Mia. The locals claimed that an employee was killed at the time, but the worker's identity was unknown.

On November 1, Farid Mia, son of the dead Suruj Mia, was killed in another hole in Battal's village of upazila. The police filed a case against the accused Delwar Chowdhury, Mamun Chowdhury and Hasnu Chowdhury, but the police could not arrest anyone.

Chhamir Mahmud / SR

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