The way the National Film Award can take place


The Ministry of Information has jointly asked for a two-year national cinema prize. Photos released in 2017 and 2018 will be able to take part. Interested producers will be able to submit their photos at 5 pm on March 7.

Applicants must submit the best DVD print. Prior to collecting the application. Film Board censorship council or This form can be accepted by the site.

In addition to adhering to some rules, you can request timely, short and documented documents. These are –

1. Only Bangladesh residents will be considered for this prize.

2. People who live will be considered for recognition throughout their lives.

3. For the National Cinema Prize, joint productions will be considered. However, foreign artists and craftsmen will not be considered for the prize in this film.

4. For the full-length movie, the tape must receive the sensor certificate and release the film in the year in question. There is no obligation to view theaters for a short time and credentials, but sensor certification will be taken into account in the specified year.

5. For history, we will consider filming a movie based on the copyright or the permission of a native or foreign author / publisher.

6. Films created by the copyright of foreign films and remodels will not be taken into account for cinema prizes.

The National Film Awards are given in 28 sections. This time is not the exception. The decision of the relevant Pairs Board will be considered final in relation to the prize.


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