Saturday , September 25 2021

The Olympic Games started with fear 1056059 | His voice tomorrow

Finally, the curtain went up at the Tokyo Olympics, a year behind Korona. The fireworks exploded yesterday at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo.

He is a rare Olympiakos. A year back because of the crown. No guests. Many protectors have been removed. The day before the opening, the director of the dismissal ceremony, Kentaro Kokayashi. Seiko Hashimoto, head of the Organizing Olympic Committee, fears that the entire tournament will not be canceled in the middle! So, the famous quote is to say, “Really Seleucus, these Olympics are big and different.”

With such worries, fears and controversies, “The Greatest Show on Earth” finally came to the screen yesterday. The best sporting event in the world returned in the middle of the epidemic. Emperor Naruhito of Japan inaugurated the Olympic Games at the National Stadium in Tokyo. He was also a member of the royal family at the opening ceremony of the 1964 Olympic Games in Japan. Naruhito was four years old then. However, due to Corona’s terror, members of the royal family did not come to the stadium this time. IOC President Thomas Bach, French President Emmanuel Machon, United States First Lady Jill Biden were also present at the National Stadium during the outbreak. Although there were no guests, the event was enjoyed by thousands of guests, patrons and organizers. The four-time winner of the Grand Slam, the Japanese tennis star, Naomi Osaka, was the one who applauded as she lit the Olympic flashlight.

The performers have mainly highlighted the art and culture of Japan. The slogan of the reunion was “United by Emotion”. The power of sport can unite the whole world. In this difficult time, such a passionate call for unity of Olympic officials. IOC President Thomas Bach said: “How long have the athletes been waiting now? Joy, excitement is different. It’s a moment of hope. ” But where is the brilliance in the eyes of the Crown? Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the stadium yesterday. Signs in their hands, “Stop the Olympics.”

Thus, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games means the lighting of fireworks, the excitement of life and all the dazzling things. This time there was no way we could have a ceremony in the hands of Corona. Also yesterday, 19 people who participated in the games were influenced by Corona, the total number has exceeded 100. Thus, the organizers never exceeded the limit in terms of lighting. Instead, Japanese nurse and boxer Tasubadar noticed that she was running alone in the middle of the scene. Due to Corona, athletes who train alone are symbolically labeled. The Olympic Ring arrived, bringing back memories of the 1974 Tokyo Olympics. The Olympic Rings were made of wood planted by athletes in 1974. The crowd created with 1,700 drones in the middle of the stadium was dazzling.

More than 11,300 athletes from 206 countries will compete in 33 games in 339 metal tournaments. Five new games and 34 new events were added.

It is an honor for every athlete to participate in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Due to Corona, this time the teams have only sent registered athletes to the team parade. Only six officers were allowed to take part in the parade. A total of 30 people from the United Kingdom attended the opening ceremony. At least 200 people from the country participated in other Olympic Games. There were 26 participants from India, 22 of whom were athletes. The largest fleet was the Japanese. Pita Taufatofua, a Togo athlete, came to the barefoot parade at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. He also came to the stadium yesterday with a Togolese flag after a face mask. Inspired by him, Vanuatu Roar Rio Ri came with the flag of the country without shoes. Italy won the soccer euro with the design of the dress, the Olympus uniform made in this style! Even if good luck returns. The Argentine athletes came in the middle of the past of the course and jumped for joy. Everyone was told to follow the mask. Even then, the flag bearers of Pakistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan came to the past without a mask and created controversy.

Swimmer Ariful Islam carried the flag for Bangladesh. If there were visitors, part of the gallery would burst into flames, seeing the red-green flag. This time there was a quiet silence. Six Bangladeshis participate in the Olympic Games. Ariful Islam and Junaiya Ahmed in swimming, Roman Sana and Dia Siddiqui in archery, Zaheer Raihan in sports and Abdullah Hale in shooting.

The script for the opening ceremony had already been written. Preparations were also in full swing under the direction of director Kentaro Kokayashi. But the day before the opening, comedian Kentaro was fired. The charge against him, as part of a comedy in the late 1990s, concerned the Holocaust or the horrific genocide of Hitler’s Nice forces, saying: Come on, let ‘s play the Holocaust. As the video was videotaped again, the fire of anger took the form of fire. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Sugao also criticized Kentaro. He was then forced to leave, but did not apologize.

The opening ceremony did not fade even with the hand of the new director. In the midst of this epidemic, Tokyo is now a beacon of hope. If the most famous sporting event in the world is successful, people will dream of living it again.

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