Tuesday , January 19 2021

The husband chased the actor to death after having an affair with his wife

Popular Tamil TV actor Silvarathinam has been killed for having an extramarital affair.

Police are said to have taken video of the scene where Silvarathinam was killed. The identity of a person named Vijay Kumar has been retrieved from CCTV videos. The initial suspicion of the police is that the Tamil actor was involved in an extramarital affair with his wife Vijay Kumar. Because of which Silvarathinam and hacker were called to death. Although no one else was present with Vijay Kumar at the time of the incident, so far no further information has been provided by the police.

Indian media Genius reports that Vijay Kumar was at home with director Mani on Saturday. He did not leave the house as there was no work on Sunday. On Sunday afternoon, when a phone call came on his cell phone, Silvarathinam came out. The police called Mani several hours after he left the house. That was when Silvarathinam was killed.

Police at MGR Nagar Police Station in Chennai have launched an investigation into the incident. An investigation is under way into whether Silvarathinam was killed in an extramarital affair or if there was another reason behind it.

Silvarathinam came to India from Sri Lanka and entered the world of acting. He has appeared on Tamil television screens most of the time as a criminal. The man named Silvarathinam, who has been involved for the last 10 years, appeared from Sri Lanka.

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