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The hindrance to the domestic software industry -Deshebideshe

Bangladesh – A small country on the map of the world. Each of them loves to dream and dream. The use of a lot of technology in the country – whether it is a small mobile use or not. Although technology is not only in today's literacy – digital satellite use in digital Bangladesh has begun. Software technology is an essential part of using any technology in everyday life, which is just a big industry.

Though the software industry is not too old in Bangladesh, it has been growing with many obstacles over the last 20 years. If you can overcome the obstacles, the software industry's garment or overseas will have a large revenue stream like human resources. The main purpose of my writing is to identify the barriers to the local software industry – to take steps to solve the problems.

1. Obstacles to software companies
Not invested properly: There is not enough investment in software products or platforms in our country. The main reason for this may be:
> We do not have enough information to buy.
> Lack of skilled and high-quality business professionals.
> For a variety of reasons, the absence of large companies' software companies in the group
> Most start engineers start, which are inefficient in investment management.
> Lack of bank financing.
> Software integration.

Lack of qualified and quality staff: Carrier selection and IT engineering become inaccurate. Most students of computer science and engineering want to become software engineers. The lack of knowledge about how to prepare for many types of engineering positions, read this topic. As a result, students say they do not get jobs. On the other hand, software companies are unable to find the right employees for them.

Despite the existence of sufficient IT companies, there is a minimal lack of installation due to a lack of professional training in software companies. Moreover, due to the lack of sufficient seniority in the software industry, young professionals are afraid of choosing this as a career.

Developed non-programmed software or IT companies: Uninitiated software companies have begun to start, where no software company starts with no specific plans in developed countries. These unplanned software companies are trying to sell all kinds of products and services – which lead to uncontrolled market competition, valuables, and customer confidence at the end of the day. If we can not get out of this enthusiasm, the software market will suffer further damage.

Software is a business that can not be done with a short-term plan. Of course, long-term planning is important. In the absence of which we can see – a company shifts rapidly from one type of service to another, that is, the first business service plan was not long-term. To be a business vendor requires patience and steady morale. Today, 40-45 years of surveillance in the industry; Reading their story, it seems that with their ability, mental strength and patience they have arrived today.

Software can not be business-oriented: Most software companies in the country offer software to many customers for the first few years. But after one or more years, customers will not be able to provide support services. Most software architectures and the company's infrastructure are not ready to offer later customer support, the software runs out at the end of the day. As a result, customers lose confidence in software companies. Software companies blame the customer on the other hand. Above all, due to barriers to the software market, there are many main reasons why services are not geared. In product development and marketing, the minimum service of 20 years should be taken into account.

Techno-social partnerships are not done by software companies: Most of the old software companies in our country are people with a business background. Technical and commercial partnerships need to be made in technology companies of new companies but in software companies. In order to develop the product, marketing, legal, risk and agreements,

Product Compatibility and Market Analysis: Local software companies began to manufacture and distribute products without local and international computational analysis. Then, market competition can not survive. You should remember – big companies such as Microsoft, Google, Oracle and the ultimate IT software company. Therefore, the software market should not enter into business without physical and computational analysis.

There is not enough certification: Due to the lack of quality, security, and certification processes of local software companies, loss of customer confidence and overall customer confidence has become a daily issue.

2. Obstacles to the customer
Several software market knowledge: In addition to some of our domestic client companies, others can not show skills for purchasing software and IT services. The lack of information and skills they buy will not last long. The checklist is quite different for the purchase of software, intellectual property and IT services and, without knowing it, there are many controversies with software vendors in many cases – which at one stage disrupt the relationship so that the client is in danger from data.

Non-standard business processes: Small or medium-sized businesses are working on non-standard business processes, but when they come to the software, they have to deal with many complexities to reach the standardized format. Because of this, many customers do not buy standard software and software customized by each group or company. In most cases, updating and maintaining this custom software is very difficult and costly.

The lack of IT knowledge in the client company: Companies find that their professionals are afraid of getting a software. They believe that their IT department will be able to weaken their positions (many benefit from it). But it is not a mistake to understand only IT – because of the software system, it will not change the position or responsibility of anyone, but it will be very useful for performing the tasks.

3. Education and gap in the software industry
Computer science or engineering like MBBS does not get the guidelines that will work in a degree specialization. Educational institutions need to help build a capacity for their remarkable positions.

Many training in the market is private Most of the software plays no role in the industry. The main reason for this is – the curriculum, which is created without knowing the requirements of software companies. Some other obstacles are created only because of the lack of practical training.

4. Obstacles to negotiation
> None of the commercial wheels working in Bangladesh's IT industry mainly cooperate with the software. While you are working at fair events, however, market development, awareness-raising and policy-making are very low and slower.
> Software and software companies are not classified at governmental and private level. As a result, the government or large company is in danger of buying an eGovernment system from the call center service provider.
> Most business operators are not thinking about dealing with the gap between the internet, e-commerce and software companies.

5. Government Obstacles
> The government is trying to fossilize domestic companies. But the classification is very weak and there is no way to decide on the recommendations of many commercial operators.

> Local companies have little publicity in public markets and government software is not clear at a high level. As a result, the software to be purchased from a local, also comes from other countries. It was also found that we do not have good diplomatic or commercial relations with the country. It has also been purchased from these countries. Because of these acts, business things happen in foreign countries that we are not headed – because of lack of experience or negligence. In the near future, our current data security is likely to be impossible due to these reasons.
> The rules and regulations that need to be taken into account for purchasing, updating, renewing and securing data do not happen. As a result, many government systems are gradually becoming ineffective. It is difficult to protect state data if these points do not occur systematically.

6. Obstacles by professionals
Foreign spirit: In Bangladesh, a good practitioner means higher education abroad and later permanent residence. The great reason for the country's infrastructure or security, which I did not believe. If the country becomes a bit illiterate, then the country moves forward. However, the government should also think about this – how to create equivalent domestic jobs after tertiary education.

Not Career-Oriented: In terms of learning and skills, there are fewer software industries in terms of organization. Many people do not know when they come to the job interview, what are the interviews for Job. Besides, the free start, creating a startup, a job, and does not create a good position in any of the above.

Technology is less: Knowledge of technology coming from any subject is not yet understood by our practitioners.

Finally, the software business is one of the toughest businesses. But for those whose designs, investments, architecture make it much easier for them in one stage. All kinds of help are needed to overcome these barriers to saving and developing the software industry.

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