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The government's goal is to ensure fair and neutral elections: Prime Minister

Published: November 11, 018, 20:41

Prime Minister Sheikh Hassina said our goal is to hold the upcoming elections free, fair and neutral. I hope that other political parties will also participate in these elections.

On Sunday night, on the occasion of the 46th anniversary of Bangladesh Awami Jubo League, he said this when the leaders and employees of the organization met with the Prime Minister at Ganobhaban. New BSS.

The prime minister said that her government's aim of strengthening democracy and continued development is to secure freedom, freedom and the neutral agenda of the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Sheikh Hassina said, this is the fact that if the party does not participate in the elections, the power of a political party has been lost. We hope that other political groups will participate in the elections, and through it, democracy is stronger and more developed in the country.

Noting that the elections are very important for the country, the prime minister said that her government has received many major projects and committed to eradicate poverty. If we do not come to power then no one will implement these works.

He said, by adopting many large projects, we have introduced the development trend in Bangladesh. We have reduced poverty rates from 41% to 21%. If we can come back to power, then our goal is to reduce the poverty rate to 4/5 per cent. Then we can say that Bangladesh is free from poverty.

In the Nikeo case, Sheikh Hasina is not brought to justice like her. – Regarding BNP Khaleda Zia's president recently, the Prime Minister said that while the prisoners of the last military supporting government were in prison, the researchers questioned her a lot.

The prime minister said, responding to BNP's remarks, I want to say that when I was in prison, the researchers challenged me. But they did not take anything against me.

Sheikh Hassina said that if they were dealing with Naïc or other corruption, the investigators would have taken something against him. But they did not get anything.

The prime minister said he challenged the World Bank's allegation of corruption against it in relation to the Padma Bridge. On the other hand, a federal court in Canada has ended the allegation of corruption as unfair and unfounded.

Sheikh Hassina said the World Bank, the United States, the FBI and the British Intelligence Service have been researching all over the world to find corruption, my sister and my children. But they did not get anything.

He said that in 2001, the BNP government filed dozens of cases against him and investigated, but they found nothing against me during the investigation. He also said that the Caretaker government also investigated her and her son and sister. They have been informed of their bank accounts. They have not received irregularities in the investigation.

Sheikh Hassina, the government of Khaleda Zia and Caretaker and the last Dr. The World Bank also investigated allegations of corruption against Muhammad Yuus and a group, but they did not receive anything. He said, we did not have any irregularities because they did not get anything.

The prime minister urged the leaders of the Jubo League to serve the nation upside down of greed and lust and fear. He said, people who will be able to give the country and the nation victory winning fears, people will choose them.

Sheikh Hassina urged the leaders of Lisbon and the workers to devote themselves to building a developed and prosperous Bangladesh in line with Bangalang's ideology. He told the leaders of the Jubo League and the workers that if you could follow Bangabandhu's ideology then that would be the great achievement of your life. He said, there is no success in enjoying, but instead of sacrifice, it has been a success.

Under the chairmanship of the President of the League of Nations, Alhaj Omar Faruk Chowdhury, the Secretary-General of the Harun-ur-Rashid organization spoke with the occasion.

Earlier, the Jubo Central Committee and the leaders of the North and South branches welcomed the prime minister with a flower bouquet.

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