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The decision of the alliance led by BNP to vote National


The decision to move on to the alliance vote led by BNP

The BNP alliance has decided to take part in the next parliamentary elections. After the meeting of the party's standing committee yesterday, the decision was taken at a 20-day coalition meeting. After the BNP leaders also spoke at the National Unity Forum. Today, tomorrow or tomorrow, the chairman of the Begum Khaleda Zia party will be officially announced after receiving her opinion after her meeting in jail.

The Electoral Commission will send a letter to the Electoral Commission on the withdrawal of the schedule and the election of all parties on Sunday. In this letter we will say: "If we participate in the elections, many of us will choose the party symbol. Again, many people will choose together. The registered parties will be their own team. And the non-registered symbol will be the symbol of BNP. However, one of the 20-party Jamaat-e-Islami alliances did not make their decision at yesterday's meeting. They took one day from BNP They said, we will choose whether to choose an independent or endless person in the current season. BNP Dr Khandaker Standing Committee Member Mosharraf Hossain was appointed as coordinator of the allocation of positions among the contestants.

On the other hand, in the office of the chairman of Gulshan BNP, two permanent objections to the meeting of the Standing Committee on the two objections. They said, we have to decide to take a closer look at the situation. Later, BNP wanted to ask opposition leaders to vote at a meeting of 20 party leaders. In this respect, most alliance leaders gave their views on their participation in the elections. Some ruling party leaders boycott the boycott of the elections and advise to declare the rally in the tough movement.

After the meeting, LDP President Al Ahmad told reporters he has not yet decided whether to go to the polls or not. Over the next two days, BNP will present the final decision to the nation with an alliance of 20 parties, leaders of the national united front. Oli Ahmad said, we talked about not going to the elections. The government has promised to ensure a level playing field for all. We do not believe that a level playing field has been confirmed for all. We see that especially BNP leaders are being held, tortured in the streets, and we will not be able to clearly state our decision until that happens. If the chairman of BNP Khaleda Zia is released, then the polls will be returned. So far, there are no equal opportunities for all. It is the government's responsibility to make sure. He said that many people have asked me, today there is an obligation to send a letter to the election commission. In this case, we will write in writing to the EC, if we participate in the elections of the seventh Jatiya Sangsad election, many will join our party's symbol, many will be involved in BNP's head of BNP's election. Oli Ahmad also said the decision of the 20-nation alliance, not just the alliance of 20 parties, has been decided, but national unity will not be allowed to vote in the views and opinions. In response to a question, Oli said that if the elections go, I will choose my party's symbol to mend it.

BNP Nazrul Islam Khan, Jatiya (Kazi Zafar), Mousala Abdul Hamir, Jamaat Abdul Haliman, the BDP leader and Andalus Rahman Paratha, Maulaan Mohammad Ishak of Kellaf Maill, Ahmed Abdul Quander Syed Muhammad Ibrahim of LDP Redwan Ahmed Social Welfare Party, Head of Tasamia Jagagar, Fariduz of NDP Workers' Mousafizur Rahman, Labor Party Mousafizur Rahman, People's League Arab League Kamražman Khan of the Muslim League , Azalei Islam of NAP Baani, Saifud Ahmed Moni of the party, Shaid Ahmed of the Samuibain party, Maulaan Nohar Josh Kassami of Jamaicet Ulamama Islam, Ehsanul Huda, Bangladeshi People's Party, Rita Rahman, Sukrit kum of Minriti Janata Party The program was also present.

Earlier, BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir chaired the meeting at the BNP emergency meeting in the afternoon. Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, lawyer Moudud Ahmed, Zamiruddin Sarkar, Mirza Abbas, Nazrul Islam Khan and others.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Ganofram National Unity leader said. Kamal Hossain told reporters yesterday that the National Front of Unity will take part in the elections. However, he asked to withdraw the election timetable. Dr. Kamal Hossain said the move to the polls is a must. Therefore, it is necessary to support the timetable for the elections. But if there are signs of unacceptable elections, we will not go there. The decision will be made on the election commission, Kamal Hossain said that if Sheikh Hasina is to participate in the elections under the Hasina government, then he will not comment on this issue. The question of the secular regime is only within the 7 points of demand of the united front. There is a detailed discussion of these issues in the dialogue.

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