Saturday , October 16 2021

The businessman was killed in Ashulia bandits across the country

The businessman was killed by robbers in Ashulia

A businessman named Abul Sarker, 55, was shot by robbers in Savar's Ashulia. Three other family members were injured with their beatings. This incident happened on Sunday morning in the Durgapur government. The deceased businessman is the son of the Halim government in the area.

It is known that around 3:30 pm, a group of 10/12 members entered the home of a single house cutting the house grill. The house looted gold and gold and plundered the holder's weapons with permission. On the eve of pillaging when ecologist Abul Sarkar dropped a robber, another robber shot him in his stomach and seriously injured him.

During this time, Abul Sarker, who came forward to save his brother, the other two family members, including the brother of the Makbul government, hit them and hit them.

Police station police station Ashulia Rizaul Haque Dipu confirmed the incident, said the police visited the site. Efforts are being made to identify the individuals involved in the incident.

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