Tuesday , October 27 2020

Someone is trying to spread lies for me: Taskin

After the wedding, Taskin Ahmed, along with his wife Paradise Firdaus, said Photographic actress "Dhaka Attack" Tashkin Ahmed I get married. Girl Italy Paradise Jannat Ferdous On June 11, Tacquen Niketan's home was completed on a domestic basis. The two brothers, the grandfather of a sister, are the smallest of all. Earlier Tasquin was married once. Break This actor spoke about various issues, such as divorce and separation.

Taskin Ahmed and Jannat Ferdous Before marriage, was there love for Paradise or friendship or friendship?
Both Because my identity is eight or nine months before I am in Paradise. And my very good friend. Two months ago, our relationship became intimate. Our relationship is called friendship and love.

How did you meet?
Last year I came to one of the first paradise friends. From this identity, our friendship is strengthened day by day. The understanding between them is good. Once upon a time both of us gathered to meet demand. Then she decided to get married.

After a week of marriage, they told everyone. Why;
There were not many people outside our two families in Akbar during the ceremony. Everything has been documented. You can absolutely say domestic settings. So after a few minutes I said to everyone.

When will you postpone the host ceremony?
All Paradise families are Italian. His parents were present during Bagdan, but his older brothers could not come. They are in Italy. After a month, he will come to Dhaka. There is a desire to organize a post-mortem reception program.

Task Ahmed and Jannat Ferdous at Aks Married, how are you two?
Jannat is at my house. I can not take the opportunity to travel. Because we kill "Shan" before marriage. But the day after marriage, I took Paradise to shoot. I wanted to give him an idea of ​​the profession I was involved with. He did all day. New experience for shooting. In filming, mixing with everyone, the story is done. Everything was wonderful.

Do you act Does any objection to this?
No because of my profession and already knew about it. Without her and respect for my work. His creative work is his choice.

Are you an Australian citizen, your wife Italy Where will it be longer?
The desire to settle permanently in Sydney, Australia As I have often come to Bangladesh for action, so every time I come from Australia, Paradise will be with me. Paradise is also a citizen of Italy. Occasionally it will be in Italy. Bangladesh, Australia and Italy will be our partners.

Jannat Ferdous and Taskin Ahmed She married you on March 24, 2017, with a girl from London, Nusrat Jahan. Why is there a separation with him?
Yes, we were married. But after marriage, they did not stay together. Separated after a month.

Because his family opposed my profession. But before marriage they knew about my profession. But after marriage, the appearance of people in their families changed. I have talked about different types of my career. My identity, I am an artist. I keep the personality of the artist I do not want to stay where there is no price.

Earlier, he was married to another girl named Adina Ayesha Khan. Married on 2 June 2016, the split took place on 30 November 2016.
No, I was not married. Adina is my ex girlfriend for girls We've had good relationships for 3/4 years. But who says, was I married to him? Some days after marriage, some people are trying to lie about me. I understand. Adina with my wedding news is absolutely rumors

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