Tuesday , October 27 2020

Sarfaraj advises doctors in India-Sri Lanka to stop hitting high

Similarly, against India, Pakistani captain Sarfaraz Ahmed was seen in high form, Photo: Collected from Twitter

Sarfarat Ahmet is not going to be less humorous than getting a big lift, he said. The captain of Pakistan has advised both doctors in India and Sri Lanka to stop the high prices at no cost!

Sarfarat Ahmed thinks now: "I did not do any work!" The captain of Pakistan set the lead in India. Many people laugh at Sarfaraz after they get caught on the TV screen. Two Indian doctors and two doctors advised him to stop him!

One of the two doctors is Jubin Bid, medical director of the only hospital in Mumbai, India. Before giving advice to Sarpharaz, he gave a scientific explanation: "There are some things in medical science that can not be explained directly, only the theory can be given, the rise is only one thing. sleep is low or tired But for all this reason only Hi, it will not happen either.Formal sleep disorders, excessive fat, migraine, anxiety can also be high due to these reasons.

After that, the brother advises Sarfarat to stop the tall, "The easiest and most effective way to avoid being high is to breathe deeply and breathe a little longer. Use the stomach muscles instead of the chest. If you do not stop it, there are good benefits. Hello, you can remember a few old memories of your life that delight you. You can also get a glass of cold drinks. Chewing gum also provides good benefits in these cases.

Sri Lanka's expert in sports medicine, Professor Arjuna de Silva, gave a similar proposal. Earlier, De Silva, who collaborated with Sri Lanka's crickets, said that chewing gum and chronic chemistry have stopped. "Sarfaraz is a wonderful theft player." Generally, if we are tired or disturbed, they are high, and it can also be due to many other reasons, and in the case of Sarfaraz, it has undoubtedly had to cope with the best Indian guy of all time, that he could not sleep well the night before, and if you feel nervous or if you see someone else lift you, then you too get high. "

Former Pakistani players expressed their anger over Sarpharaz's ability. Shoaib Akhtar has washed his feet completely. D. Silva also said that due to overweight, the captain of Pakistan may have been too high. "Another issue is that Sarfraz is likely to suffer. 24, which is the highest bidi for Asian crickets, 24. The body's body is the index body or BMI (the body mass index is used to measure the weight of any human as low as its height)

De Silva also gave Sarfraz the suggestion: "Whenever the high will go up, Sarfaraz should remember the memory of the Champions Trophy victory two years ago against India. Chewing gum can also chew. This will reduce the chances of failure. "

The next match of Pakistan with South Africa on Sunday. Sarfaraj can use these two doctors in the fight!

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