Sachin does not mind giving Pakistan 2 points


It is now known to many that Kashmir has been the cause of terrorist attacks in Pulwama. In this regard, the whole of India is now divided into two parts. One side said that in the World Cup to boycott races with Pakistan, another side said that to win the victory. Realizing that support for first-party support is very high, it is quite understandable that many of the former cricket of the country. The legendary Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar is on the other side.

Unacceptable Sachin Tendulkar to give two points for the fight with Pakistan in the upcoming World Cup. According to him, it would be beneficial for Pakistan to have it.

The whole of India is angry with the incidents of the 40 people killed in the terrorist attacks against the CRPF jawans in India-controlled Kashmir. In this context, many say they are boycotting Pakistan in the World Cup. Many of these former crickets are on the list. And there are differences. Like another legend, Indian batsman Sunil Gavaskar wants India to play against Pakistan at the World Cup. And the victory of the fight proves that India is the best. It was agreed with him that Shahin had agreed with him.

"India has always lost Pakistan to the World Cup," said Shahin on Friday. It's time to lose them once again. I personally do not want to give them two points and help in the tournament. "

"But after I say this, I will say, India is the first person to me, so my country will decide, I will support it to give my heart."

Even if he wants this Sachin, the opposite is the current position, like the current players like Harbhajan Singh, Azharuddin and the current cricket stars like Yuzhbudra Chahal. They favor the boycott of cricket in Pakistan. Although Gavaskar says India will not lose the World Cup match on June 16th.

The tournament will be held in the UK from May 30.

The Board of Governors (COA), the governing body of the BCCI, decided on Friday (February 22nd) that no decision will be taken on the World Cup without Pakistan.

Bangladesh Time: 0753 Hours, 23 February 2015


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