Saturday , June 12 2021

"Real BNP" wants to bring together Nayapaltan

Nashim, who claimed to be the "BNP rebuilding entrepreneur," said Sunday at a news conference in a capital city that BNP chairman Khaleda Zia would set up a "High Court of People" in front of the BNP office in Nayapaltan within 72 hours after the release of the prison. Asked about Khaleda Zia, what is the reason for BNP's "disease"?

"The Supreme Court will be the Judge of the Millions And if it is not released, the fight will be held on November 17. 320 leaders who will be willing to speak at this gathering will speak."

Commenting on the statement by Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, the people of the country will not boycott the elections, Kamrul said.

"Our leaders all over the country are out of the election. They do not want to resist the election of Tarique Rahman's servant Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir."

Quamrul Hassan Nasim said the dialogue between Awami League and BNP should only bring a fair political trend. Kamrul Hassan Nasim said there is no reason to engage in dialogue, among others.

"The participants will be the only link Awami and BNP in the elections." Who are all of them? "The absurd people will not be exactly like the six legs of the body." I do not know they are talking there, there is no idea for the country. with them! "

Appealing to the government of the Awami League to take effective action on this issue, the head of the "real BNP" said, if not, good will not be expected.

"I say to the Awami League, you will not justify, these political opponents will stigmatize them, otherwise I see that the atmosphere of Bangladesh's policy will fade after 72 hours."

Describing himself as a "spiritual entity," he said: "I was not as young as my father, my father was not Bangangdu. Ziaur Rahman was not. I am a normal child But now I am the brand, Kamrul Hasan Nasim is the brand I am here with my ability. "

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