Tuesday , October 19 2021

Radukanur wins US Open title


Radukanur wins US Open title

Online office Britain’s Emma Radukanu wins women’s title at US Open In the final, Laila Fernandez went crazy and a new fairy tale was written in the world of tennis.

In a word, his campaign to advance from the qualifying round to the final was incredible. This is his first participation in the Grand Slam of the year. Radukanu also won the crown and put the world of tennis on the shelf.

The 18-year-old British star made a unique name by winning 6-4, 6-3 in the final of the singles of the two teenagers.

He became the first player in Grand Slam history to win a title. With this, the British waited 44 years. Britain won the grand female singles trophy after Virginia Wade at Wimbledon in 1986.

Fernandez’s trip to the tournament began in the first round on August 30. But Radukanur started five days before that. He had to win three matches in the qualifying round! He did his best to win 10 matches in 18 days. It became clear in the scoreboard of each match. Radukanu, who started the event from 150th place in the standings, has not lost a single set in those 10 games. He won every match in an online set and his aggressive attitude and strong will to crush the opponent were reflected in every match.

But going to the final stage of the final, Raduncanur was afraid of losing his temper for a while. He injured his leg while leading 5-3 in the second set. However, after returning with a medical timeout, it did not take long, he confirmed the title by hitting a great “Ace”.

After winning, Radukanu covered his face with both hands and lay down on the field, as if he could not believe it! The story of winning the Grand Slam as the youngest British player was also written in it. Radukanu Kirti, who will turn 19 on November 13, has done a lot more. She is the youngest Grand Slam winner since Maria Sharapova in 2004 (Sharapova won Wimbledon that year). She became the first woman from Serena Williams in 2014 to win the US Open without losing a set.

The story of Fernandez’s fight for the trophy despite losing in the final is no less astonishing. He lost to stars such as Naomi Osaka and Angelique Kerber and reached the final. Together with Radukanu, they gave birth to the first men’s and women’s final in the history of the Grand Slam, where the two opponents are the undefeated players!

The young Canadian, who started the tournament in 63rd place in the standings, lost to defender Osaka in the third round, Angelique Kerber in the fourth round, Elena Salitolina in the fifth round in the quarterfinals and Arina in the semifinals.

Despite overcoming many obstacles, Fernandez was unable to put up any resistance in front of Raducanu.

Before the start of the tournament, the unknown Fernandez is now the focus of the tennis world. Legends such as Rod Laver and Martina Navratilova congratulated him on Twitter.

After winning this title, Radukanu will jump from No. 150 to No. 23 in the rankings. It will become number one in Britain. With these 16 million pounds will be deposited in his bank account!

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