Priyanka knew about the pot and he knew it


Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has hidden a lot about love affair with American musician Nick Jonas. He has avoided this issue even though he has asked many questions about the matter.

In mid-August, Nick Jones came to Mumbai with his mother, Dennis and his father Kevin Jonas Sr. After that, they get fresh air moving around their connection. Noise has ended with Nick-Priyankaar Baghdan. But Priyankar Kath knew all the news from the beginning, Bollywood actress, Paraniati Chopra.

Parionet Chopra said in an Indian press, "Priyanka's birthday day was the day Nick Jonas offered Priyanka's love." At 3 o'clock, Priyanka offered a missed call on my mobile phone, and I knew he was celebrating today.

Then, on the cell phone, Priyanka showed me a ring. At that time I was very upset. Nic-Priyanka was on video call together. They told me the first thing. Then cry to the video call. Such a situation impressed me.

Priyanka-Katni is not just a co-starring actress but she is a sister (cousin). Good relations between Priyanka-Paraniti in personal life So they know each other well.

Priyanka and Nick Jones appeared on the red carpet at Met Gala in 2017. Three months ago they were seen together at a dinner party. Since then, love for their love is the cause. Eventually Priyanka-Nick will bury the noise, really!

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