Monday , October 25 2021

Neymar to get a separate bonus to be polite!


( Neymar, who joined Barcelona's Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), left the world record for his teammate. By joining the French club, the Brazilian star has dealt with the future. Penalty and free kick are initially involved in the Cavani Edinburgh dispute. It was heard from all the buses in the living room and there was no news about Neamar's arbitrariness and controversy.

The news of the conflict did not last long. Neymar has neglected the debate on performance performance. Hathayataya got the result Big time to spend on PSG Goals along with teammates also make goals. Now it is known that the peace and quiet of Neymar is also at the expense of money!

The French media say PSG rewards regular Neymar because it is polite and humble out of the field. Recently information has been reported from the French-France television channel.

PSG collaborated with Neymar for a record 222 million euros The Brazilian star receives a fee of 36.8 million euros a year to play in the French club. It is well known that besides the remuneration of the contract, there is a separate benefit system for Neymar to be polite and courteous outside the field and field.

Channel France-2 in their report reports that Neymar gets 2.5m euros a year to avoid making an opinion against the coach's decision or creating a turmoil in the dressing room. This is not the end here. Neymar gets 3 million 75 thousand euros a year to greet the audience at the beginning and end of the race.

Also, if you can stay on top of the Balon d 'Or, the bonus will be 2 million euros. This prize is not only for Neymar, but every PSG player receives such bonuses. But the Neymar cash prize is, of course, higher than the rest.

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