Monday , January 25 2021

Mushfiq's double century in the three records,

In the twelfth century – "Well, is it only twice the century?" Or "three in one"? Mushfiqur Rahim today made a double century against Zimbabwe in the Sher-e-Bangla stadium with an empty eye. But there are three other struggles in this one twelfth century.

Number 1: This is the second double century of Mushfiqur Rahim in Testing. Against Sri Lanka on the Galle test in 2013, after 200, today, double century again today

Number of two links: The only wicket-keeper batsman is the second double century in the tests.

Number three: Shakib Al Hasan's 217 runs at the top of Test, the owner of Bangladesh's largest holdings in the tests.

After returning to the second day of Monday in Sher-e-Bangla, Mushfiq's three achievements concerned words. But all this? Is Mushfiqur Rahim's participation in 219 limited to these three milestones and records?

Just like the eyes. However, given the situation in the context of the situation, Mushfiqur Rahim's holdings are not only wrapped in the record, their breadth, extent and extent are very large.

Mushfiq participations are organized to defend Bangladesh's participation in tests The ability of Bangladesh's batsmen to prove the evidence. In these participations, there is a heavy rain between the Tigers' drought. Inspiration to walk on the path of victory from periods of defeat to attendance.

The above words have no reason to think so passionate dialogue. There is no way to say exaggerations. Scrubbing is real. In a word, Mushfiqur Rahim's double century has many timely and relevant questions.

Do not say, bad times started in the second trial against Sri Lanka in January of this year. Which continued until the second test at Sylhet. Everybody knows, Bangladesh not only did not miss the four tests in the four tests but also suffered the worst trails. Tigers batsmen forgot to run Eight entries did not run 200 routes. Not only the team's failure but the highest interest rate of any batsman in Bangladesh in the last eight participations was 64.

There are a few questions that have not happened and failed. The critics started to sit again and say, "Hello, if you put a good team at ODI, but you can not do anything in the Tests. Now with Zimbabwe at home, the rate is also high. Eat food. "

In order for the "sunny state" to pass and defeat the slander, team performance and great victory needed some great personal achievements. The darkness of the day, which can be seen in the light of his flash and his look.

The day before, Mominul Haq's 161-ball spins and Mushfiq's aging century turned into darkness in the dark. Today, the second day of Mushfiqur Rahim's real and right "Testing Folding" Bangladesh is back in the street of light. Right from the edge of Khadar, the large range of Mushfiqur Rahim runs runs at the height of the hill.

Although the driver could not sit fully in the seat, the Tigers returned the day before escorting Mominul Haq and Mushfiqur Rahim for the century. And today, at the end of the second day, the Tigers reached such a height, where only to gain the thought.

Let's hope that Mushfiqur Rahim also dreamed of winning his career after he played his best career. So, after the fight, over a matter of more than 19 minutes, pushing a lot of words in the face of Mushfiqur Rahim came out such a statement, which clearly showed what the Tigers wanted and what to do.

"We did not want to come back for a second time. That's what we tried to make the first radar bigger. " In this first dialogue, Bangladesh's goal is to plan and hope.

This means that the large holdings of Mushfiqur Rahim and Mominul Haque in this fight, the 500+ scores are all linked to a thread. This means that after completing fourteen failures at Sylhet, the Riaad team, which was able to win the "bow bounce" in the race, has the best of what we can withstand. Only then will there be the possibility of winning. That's why 500+ runs by winning the breath of life.

Tamim-Shakib was not in the team because of the injury, so the responsibility of all responsibility was on the shoulders of Mushfiq and Mominul. Those who have great participations and the ability to play history In fact, the seeds of success in Bangladesh had germinated in this fight both.

The day before, Mominul has repeatedly told the story of his great participations and repeatedly praises Mushfiqur Rahim. He said, Mushfiq Bhui led me. He helped play great entries with the necessary intelligence.

And today, after the second day of the second century, Mufti's praise was praised by Mominos. At the end of the day, he said, "Twice a century can not be done alone, it takes a big couple, not only me, Mominul has played much better, the brothers Miraj and Riyad played well, and I am very grateful to them. It feels good to everyone. "

This good will only be good when the team wins. To do what the batsmen must return to the light, spending a bad time. Mouffih, Moimul, Mirela did. Now the rest are in the hands of bowlers.

Mushfiq also thinks: "The bowlers have a lot of work, because we have to get 20 wickets, so tomorrow's first session is very important, so if you can use the first session, then there will be something better, and we really needed running in the first ring. And the wickets are getting worse, tomorrow more will be "opposite".

Unless otherwise, Mushfiq means that the wicket will break, somewhere there will be wounds at the bowler stand around the specific aspect, and then the ease and smooth stroke will be even more difficult. Spinners will get help from bariat. Tiujul's turn started in the afternoon. If you get help from the wicket in the next three days, you can become Taijul-Mirajara and the most horrible. And, in the end, it can be seen as a lighthouse that can match Bangladesh.

And if you win this victory you will be able to complete the success of the personal achievements of Mushfiqul-Munirul. At the same time, those critics, who say – Bangladesh can not play Test. The Tigers know that even playing in the middle of the game, it is possible to play with the cricket temperament Test.


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