Friday , May 14 2021

“Jaivati ​​Kanyaar Mann” has been released in various theaters Latest BD News

A scene from the movie “Yaivati ​​Kanyar Mann”

Picture of Nargis Akhter, director of “Yaivati ​​Kanyar Mon”, with state subsidy. A case was also filed against director Nargis Akhter for not completing the work on time. Finally, since last Friday, “Yaivati ​​Kanyar Mon” plays in different theaters of the country.

During the 2012-13 financial year, Nargis Akhter received a grant to produce the film based on the play “Jaibati Kanyar Mon” by playwright Selim Al Deen. In addition to directing, Nargis Akhter has also written the original story.

National award-winning filmmaker Nargis Akhter said it took a long time to complete the film amid various adversities. President of ATN Bangla. With the full support of Mahfuzur Rahman, he finally completed the project last year. The film was due out in March last year. But because of Corona’s condition, she got stuck. The film finally saw the face of release last Friday.

Nargis Akhter also said that “Yaivati ​​Kanyaar Mann” was released in eight theaters. Rooms are Blockbuster Cinemas in Jamuna Future Park, Dhaka, Star Cineplex and Shyamoli Cinema and Sangeeta in Khulna outside Dhaka, Naveen in Manikganj, Madhabi in Madhupur, Rupkatha in Pabna and Razia in Nagarpur.

The film stars Sayantani Dutt from Calcutta as Kalindi and Alal as Gazi Abdun Noor from Bangladesh. In addition, there are Gazi Rakayet, Golam Farida Chhanda and many more.

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