Thursday , February 25 2021

Instagram launches this feature to add to addiction

The debate on the addiction of social media has always been discussed. There are many researches on how to get rid of this addiction. There is also interest in many people in the debate. The "Send Photo Messages" app has started a feature that will be released from the Instagram settings. This feature allows you to set how long you want to use Instagram throughout the day. These social media can be used on time.

Recently, the new feature of this feature will tell you how much time Instagram uses the whole day for the application itself. The new feature called "Your Activity" will be known for how long it has been used throughout the day.

Also, the maximum number of times on the day of the dose can be linked to the customer himself. Click on the "Your Activity" icon will be known throughout the day when using Instagram. This icon is located on the right side of the screen. There will also be a list of Instagram used throughout the week on this page.

In August, Facebook and Instagram proposed to launch this feature, the US company said. Now this feature is available at Instagram. Although this feature has not yet reached Facebook.

To use the new activity "Your activity", the client must update the Instagram application. This app can be updated by the Play Store or the App Store. After the update, how much time can be used to install Instagram can be committed by the customer himself.

In addition, a report found that instagram can be used in Hindi soon. Recently, an application researcher uncovered Instagram's screenshot on Hindi. This messaging application can be used in more than one language now in French, German, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese, English.

Instagram has begun third-party certification for Android customers. This feature allows you to use third-party applications using an Instagram account. Initially, this feature was launched for IOS customers. Recently, this feature has reached Android.

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