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"I am not going to challenge the election taking into account the fans,


Kamruzzaman Milu | November 11, 2016, Sunday, 10:03

Shakib Khan, the head of the Dhaka film, expressed his desire to become a candidate of the Awami League in the upcoming eleven parliamentary elections. But eventually the decision has changed. According to the new decision, it does not question any party in the eleventh parliamentary elections. Shakib changed his decision because of his mixed reaction to the social media about his participation in the election. Earlier on Sunday, the Awami League will go to the party's office and buy the application form and submit it on the day, said Dhalid Superstar. He also said of the will to choose from a headquarters in Gazipur. However, he is not in the race. You want to stay in the cinema and the people in the movie world. Speaking of change, Shakib Khan said, after releasing the news that I will take part in the election, many of my fans have suffered. They want me to stay with the movie. Visitors to me before I love Shakib Khan. So it seems to me that doing nothing by ignoring them will not be good for me. So we are not going to be candidates in the election taking into account the fans. Meanwhile, there is a problem with Dhaka's film industry. And because they do not get a good picture of it, visitors become very popular. But if the cinema industry is going to disappear one day on the road. Asked about the opinion, one of the figures, Dhaliuddin, Shakib Khan, said, "I will not allow the industry to be destroyed." As much as possible, I will work well. In the digital age, not only the budget, the challenge has also risen I went after offering many jobs in India's production. Why is that? We need to reinstate this industry again. Do a good job. Now I try it. I will present a job for the public very soon. Shakib Khan also said the industry has never seen such an ugly time. But the Prime Minister gives us regular donations to the artists standing next to them. No one should return his permission to him. This is really a favorite theme for any artist. He loves the industry, he loves the artists. So I think industry will solve the problems and solve them. At one stage of the discussion, asked, are you prepared to serve artists again at the front of the artists' association? In response, Shakib said, "I have not made any decision about it." A few days ago, talking to Ta Ta Bhai about it, she also searched for a lot of work for artists, but I still do not think about choosing the club The Shakib Khan appeared in a different way in the latest photos of Captain Khan & Naka b. The legendary actor Shakib Khan appeared in front of the audience as a "hunter", "Nawab", and sometimes "Chalban" or "Bhajan." He was asked to see the audience in front of him, said the main creator Kazi Hayat Bhai wrote a great story I liked it only after listening to me The name of the film is "Bir." Next month we will start working on this photo It will work in various locations including Dhaka. Currently, Shakib Khan is busy with Shahin Suman's work, Ek Prem Need, and Shahim Ahmed Ranir's Shahim Shah. Currently, this hero, who is busy with the home image, was popular in action in Calcutta. Well, what do you think about the new image of Calcutta, King Khan? In response to this, the title said that the work of many images of Calcutta is happening. The next week he will be there. If everything is good, then go to Calcutta to hear the story of a series of movies. I will work if you like it. But now before my industry to me, then another place. It is my desire to work well in this industry.

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