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Go to the doctor, Ranbir!

Published: November 21, 018, 02:06

Ranbir Kapoor goes to a doctor for Alia and goes to the doctor. Such images are trapped in the camera on the camera. This image spreads to the site after posting the post on the site. Why did the doctor suddenly go to the doctor on the subject of Alitha?

It is known that Aliya was injured on Tuesday night during the next Brahmast movie. And that's the reason for Ranger, who takes care of Ali, to the doctor. It is quite understandable that Ranbir is very careful about Alia. When he left the office, Alija looked pretty pessimistic.

According to sources in India Today, Ranbir-Aliya has recently seen coming out of a five-star hotel. Now spend most of their time on their own. Meanwhile, another video was viral on social media. During Brahmastra's filming, Ranbir was considered to be in the same caravan as Aliya closing the door.

Meanwhile, at the Golden Rose award ceremony on Saturday, journalists challenged Aliya for her wedding if she waits for my wedding. Then they will have to wait. The end should always be good, there should be a happy ending. So wait, my marriage is still late.

It was heard a few days ago that both Ranbir and Alia are waiting for Rishi Kapoor to return to his homeland. If Rishi Kapoor returns home from America, he will talk about their marriage.

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