Friday , May 14 2021

Evidence of financial corruption of Hefazat leaders emerges His voice tomorrow

On the one hand, the arrests continue despite the offer of compromise, on the other hand, there are signs of one corruption after another by the leaders of Hefazat in control of Qawmi Madrasa. Along with these two, the top leaders of Hefazat-e-Islam, who were not arrested, are under emotional pressure. They urge a compromise, stopping the arrest by various means. Talks are also under way on terms agreed by the administration, including the formation of a new committee, with the exception of political party leaders, including Mamunul Haque of Hefazat.

In such a context, the followers of the late Amir Amir Ahmad Shafi have become active. They are asking the administration to take the initiative and break the old leadership and create a new committee. However, neither the senior leader nor the exposed leader takes any steps in this regard. The police administration gives them a strong message to conduct the investigation of the case with the speed of the law. Relevant sources have provided this information.

Meanwhile, the RAB arrested another Hefazat Maulana general secretary Khaled Saifullah Ayubi from Singair in Manikganj on Wednesday night. Moreover, the police arrested two leaders of the metropolis of Dhaka Thursday. In the last two weeks, 18 central and metropolitan leaders have been arrested, including Mamunul Haque. 12 of them are in police custody. The court of the Metropolitan of Dhaka yesterday exercised six people on different terms.

Meanwhile, the Police Investigation Bureau (PBI) has taken responsibility for investigating 17 recent Hefazat cases. According to the interested parties, Mamunul will be referred to the case of the Rupganj police department regarding the incident at the resort and those involved in each incident will be identified by conducting a forensic examination.

According to sources, the late Amir of Khilafah Majlis Shaykhul Hadid, Aziz Azizul Haque, took control of Jamia Rahmania Arabia Madrasa in Mohammadpur during the four-party alliance. Later, everything, including madrasa income and expenses, was under the control of Mahfuzul Haque’s eldest son and youngest son Mamunul Haque. Similarly, some Hefazat leaders run many madrasas in Jatrabari, Baridhara and Lalbagh. There is a huge gap between the income and the expenses of these madrasas. There is no detailed information on grants coming from the Middle East. Madrasas are illegally connected to electricity, gas and water. Investigators have already spoken to interested custody leaders after verifying the documents. There may be lawsuits with evidence of financial corruption. Many Hefazat leaders also began running for fear of losing control of Qawmi Madrasa in a series of raids. They are particularly concerned that the interior minister and the special police chief (SB) last Monday did not work even after the compromise proposal.

Sources said that some Hepheastion leaders have offered to stop the arrests immediately and by various means and to continue the talks. Police detectives said the three conditions, including the formation of a committee excluding political leaders, including Mamunul Haque, could be discussed later. The issue is discussed at various levels within the editorial staff. However, no initiative has been taken until yesterday to set up the committee. Some pro-Safi leaders fired by the current committee also communicate at various points. They also suggested that the administration take the initiative.

Meanwhile, Mamunul is being questioned at the DB office about sabotage in Mohammadpur, as well as anti-government sabotage. Other detained leaders are also being questioned. DBM AKM Special Commissioner Hafeez Akhter said, “Mamunul Haque’s suspension will apply to the 2013 Motijheel and Paltan cases.”

Khandaker Al Moin, the RAB’s law and media director, said Maulana Khaled General Secretary Saifullah Ayubi had been arrested in a case filed by the Paltan police department on April 5.

According to police sources, DB arrested Ihteshamul Haque Sakhi, co-secretary of the Dhaka metropolis, from Bangshal yesterday afternoon. Paltan police arrested Sannallah, an executive member of the Dhaka Metropolitan Commission, from the New Market area on Wednesday night.

The detainees are Maulana Ataullah Amin, Assistant Secretary General of the Central Committee and Amir Amir Khhid Alam Kasemi, Assistant Secretary General of Majlis Khilafah, Mufti Sharafat Hossain, Secretary General of Majlis Khilafah, and Ahmad Sobit, leader of N Mitros. The Court of the Metropolitan of Dhaka granted a suspension for five days. The court also sentenced “child speaker” Rafiqul Islam to seven days in a case under the Digital Security Act at the Motijheel police station. He was remanded in custody for four days on Wednesday in another case.

Meanwhile, PBI DIG chief Banaj Kumar Majumder said, “As of March 26, we have been assigned to investigate 18 detention cases in Munshiganj, Narayanganj, Brahmanbaria, Kishoreganj, Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar.” There is also a case in Rupganj after the incident at the Sonargaon resort. We will seek the suspension of Mamunul Haque in the event of an investigation into these cases. However, forensic action will be taken against those involved after the evidence has been verified.

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