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All eyes are now in the most respected film award for the Oscars and the Oscars. The nomadic stars of the world will watch the 91st edition of the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, USA. Before that, let's see this year's Oscar nomination … The "roma" of humorous films directed by Alfonso Kuwaran and Yogesh Lantimos' The Future & have received 10 nominations.

Lady Gaga got her name from Queen Band's song inspired by "Radio Gaga". Then the sound of the band was heard in his speech. "A Star Born," starring Lady Gaga, is in the category of Oscar's best movies, fighting the royal singer Freddie Markheri "Bohemian Rhapsody" to fight! Christian Bale and Amy Adams received the third nomination. Three times they played together!

Earlier, in the movie "The Fighter" (2010) and "American Smile" (2013), we saw in a box. Now they are candidates for the "Vice President" photo. Christian Bell has played the role of former Vice-President Dick Cheney in the movie "Vice." The birthday of the two are the same! Glenn Cloze holds the title of the most nominated (6 times) Oscar nominees, who are still the most prominent actors.

However, because of the film "The Wife" is the most beloved in this year. The most important actress for the Oscar "green book" in this year's Oscar, the most beloved alchemy Ali, Ali. Two years ago, he received the same prize by presenting the art of Munlite. If the black star wins the 91st Academy Awards, the Oscar win record in less time in the same category. Four of the five nominees (Christian Bale, Willem Daffo, Sam Rockwell, Rami Malik) are the best actors and side stars nominated for the real character.

Among them are the musicians Freddie Mercury (Bohemian Rhapsody), painter Vincent van Gogh (At Attnet's Gate), the political personality Dick Cheney and George W. Bush (Vice). This is the first time in the Oscars, the best category of movies has been made Netflix. The well-known "Roma" have already won many awards, "Roma" she was named Best Actor, Elysea Apprecier has never played before. The four categories of actors can get the award-winning stars!

This year's Oscars has a film of super heroine "Black Panther" in the best movie category. Chadwick Bozman acting in the name of "Black Panther" was not supposed to be a dialogue in African accent. Marvel Entertainment wanted people in Waqand to speak with British accent. Otherwise, it will be difficult to accept the audience! Warne's candidacy for the 10th Academy Award nominated by ARB & I Will Fight, in the Best Original Music category, Warne Daren Warren But he had to return empty to the previous nine.


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