Friday , May 14 2021

Breaking a marriage? Sunidhi Chauhan has finally opened his mouth to the media! – News18 Beganli

#Bombay: Finally, the famous singer Sunidhi Chauhan opened her mouth for her wedding. For the past year, she and her husband, Hitesh Sonik, have been married for eight years. According to media reports, it was claimed that there was a rift between him and Hitesh. It was claimed that the relationship between the two has stopped. However, Hitesh practically kept his relationship away from these speculations. More than once, he said, there were no such speculations about their marriage. Sunidhi, however, never opened her mouth to the media about her marriage. Questions in the media have been avoided more than once by saying “no comment”. But after a long time, Sunidhi answered the media question about his relationship with Hitesh.

In an e-Times interview, Sunidhi said, “Everything is fine between us, we live together.” A person close to the couple told the media, “The Sunidhi-Hitesh relationship has been in trouble for a long time. Recently, they met again.

Sunidhi and Hitesh tied the knot in 2012. Their first child Tegh was born in 2016. Aaja Nachle, Dhoom Machale, Bhumro This is Sunidhi’s second marriage. Her first marriage was to choreographer Bobby Khan at the age of eighteen. However, the wedding did not last long. Within a year, the marriage was over. However, the entertainment world is convinced that his second relationship is not on the verge of breaking up. A few days ago, they went on vacation to Goa. They recently returned from Goa. Rumor has it that the report about their relationship came out immediately after the couple returned.

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