Tuesday , November 24 2020

Bangladesh will revive the Dhaka test

Bangladesh has proved that the failure of batting again in Test cricket has failed. Sylhet Test crashed in Zimbabwe, the team shot a lot?

But no matter what this is, it's not a strategic mistake, Bangladesh coach Steve Reds. Twenty-one coaches, his students will also return to the Dhaka test.

In front of journalists on Wednesday, Rhodes said: "The boy is really determined to fix everything and I like this thing in the dressing room of Bangladesh. Sometimes I am surprised and just come back." I believe the boys will come back and that's the next test.

However, Zimbabwe did not have such a strategic mistake on 151 routes, said the coach of Bangladesh.

In this context, Rhodes said, "There was no mistake in our plan or strategy. In the first ring we could not use the opportunity to step on. We have only made the problems there. Zimbabwe retreated with 140 runs before the two innings, a big defeat for us. Everyone has to take care of this in Mirpur.

(DhakaTimes / November 8th / HA)

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