UMC research: blood thinners prevent coronavirus infection

[ad_1] Some sugars, used as blood thinners, can be used to prevent coronavirus infection. This is shown by a study of the Amsterdam UMC, which was published in the scientific journal The Embo magazineThe The researchers found that the coronavirus needed so-called heparin sulfates (sugar structures) to bind to cells. In addition, the virus “sticks” … Read more

Two suspects in the Mallorca case remain in custody Inland

[ad_1] The two Hilversummers, arrested on August 24, are suspected of attempted manslaughter and open violence at a restaurant in El Arenal, Spain, on July 14. The Prosecutor’s Office also suspects that they committed open violence later in the evening on the avenue of the tourist resort. As a result of the violence, 27-year-old Carlo … Read more

More students left home for the first time in years

[ad_1] For the first time in years, more students were transferred to rooms last year. Nearly 26,000 students have moved from their parents’ home to a university town, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics. In previous years this number was about 22,000. The increase is only partly explained by the higher enrollment in universities. … Read more