Tomorrow zodiac sign Saturday, September 4, 2021: Taurus, Virgo There are auspicious things and Leo Good news

[ad_1] BUSINESS DYNAMICS – Horoscope tomorrow Saturday, September 4, 2021 for Taurus, Virgo and Leo. The zodiac horoscope for Virgo seems to be a short opportunity, but it will be very profitable. The zodiac prediction for September 4, 2021 for Leo today will probably have some good news. Read also: Zodiac predictions tomorrow September 4, … Read more

Physicists reveal huge waves in the sun

[ad_1] These waves extend 125,000 miles below the surface of the sun. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, ABU DHABI – A team of solar physicists has discovered a large rotating wave traveling on the surface of the sun. These waves extend 125,000 miles below the surface of the Sun. The research team was led by Laurent Gizon, Co-Principal Investigator … Read more

The promise of the police chief of South Sumatra who was removed after the farce of the donation

[ad_1] Palembang – Inspector General Eko Indra Heri has been ousted as South Sumatra police chief (Sumsel) following a τρι 2 trillion ransom donation from Akidi Tio’s son Heryanty. Inspector General Eko Indra now serves as the coordinator of the expert staff (Koorsahli) of the Indonesian National Police. The resignation was written in a telegram … Read more

Owners of the Isuzu Panther can sleep well

[ad_1] VIVA There are several legendary family cars in Indonesia, one of which is the Isuzu Panther. Unlike other vehicles in its class, this model is only available in a diesel engine version. The Isuzu Panther started production in Indonesia in 1991 and initially came with an engine capacity of 2,300 cubic centimeters. Over time, … Read more