Esport 1 – All esports in 1 place!

[ad_1] The president of the studio says that this will prevent fraud and fraud. SEE ESPORTGUR NOW! K&H MN3B Valorant Regular round 8 – Békéscsaba E -sport Association vs. LvLUP Esport 1 0 0 0 0 0 After the release date of Gran Turismo 7 was revealed, another important piece of information came to light, … Read more

Index – Home – Baranya County criminal gang closed

[ad_1] Baranya County Attorney General has charged 19 members of the drug trafficking ring, the county attorney general told MTI on Thursday. György Varga-Koritár said members of the network had been charged with drug trafficking for selling drugs on a conspiracy from the summer of 2018 until their arrest, for almost a year. The network … Read more

Norm Macdonald is dead

[ad_1] Norman Gene Macdonald, Canadian stand-up comedian, writer and actor, has died at the age of 61. He has been battling cancer for nine years, according to TMZ News. The comedian has been a regular guest on iconic TV shows such as David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon, Larry King, Jay Leno and Howard Stern. … Read more

Enterprise: Ryanair boss predicts brutal price increases

[ad_1] Enterprise: Ryanair boss predicts brutal price price increase Would you like to be informed immediately about the most important news? I do not ask Please Click to activate notifications “Please” button! Notification is available in the following browsers:Chrome 61+, Firefox 57+, Safari 10.1+ Thanks for registering! Ouch! An error occurred while registering. Please … Read more

Serie A: Huge goals and a draw for the Inter champions

[ad_1] Inter played a 2-2 draw against Sampdoria on Sunday in the 3rd round of the top Italian football league (Serie A). Fantastic goals, a real match – an unforgettable match played by the Inter champions at the headquarters of Sampdoria (Photo: AFP) The defender of the champion Inter Inter took the lead in the … Read more

Index – Interior – An accident occurred near the Margarita Bridge

[ad_1] A car and a van collided with the Budapest II area. The accident happened at the Slachta Margaret pier, near the Margaret bridge. According to the information of the National General Directorate of Disaster Management, ambulances arrived at the spot. For the incident, volunteer firefighters in Rózsadomb were notified to unplug the vehicles. Ambulances … Read more

The Hungarian stock market performs better in Europe

[ad_1] Despite the gloomy climate of the international capital market, the BUX index performs well, thanks not only to the excellent performance of the OTP, but also to the heights of the middle heads. We have already mentioned the rise of 4iG, from the moment it was written, the rally became even more liberal than … Read more

Battlefield 2024 – Experts take action

[ad_1] Received a new preview of it Battlefield 2042 The video shows the Specialist system The game will be released on October 22 Although we can still guess the promised beta date for now, we can still admire the new Battlefield 2042-t The video, of course, this time focuses not only on flying missiles, explosions … Read more