Due to familiar shower scenes: Starring “Celebrity Big Brother” with simple text about the crisis of marriage

[ad_1] In “Celebrity Big Brother”, Melanie Müller will have to talk to her husband Mike. After a live chat about “Celebrity Big Brother”: Well, now it’s Melanie Müller’s wedding Last Friday, Melanie Müller won the sixth season of “Celebrity Big Brother” and left the show as a winner. In the 33-year-old’s private life, however, things … Read more

DER SPIEGEL – Application update

[ad_1] Update your application. We renewed the DER SPIEGEL application. Unfortunately, older versions of applications no longer work for technical reasons. To continue reading news, analysis and reports for free, update your app: [ad_2] Source link

Playstation Plus – September games may be leaked

[ad_1] We look forward to the announcement of Playstation Plus games for next September. A leak could possibly reveal the next headlines. The source has already been proven to be reliable in the past. Playstation Plus could bring these games The current selection of titles for Sony subscription service could not convince everyone this month. … Read more

Where does the virus grow?

[ad_1] The delta version of Sars-Cov-2 is currently causing waves of infections worldwide – what follows? Will the Greek alphabet be enough to describe each new version of the virus? At the beginning of the pandemic it was said over and over again: Coronaviruses mutate less rapidly than influenza viruses, for example, so fewer variants … Read more

Gerner kidnaps Jay: “You’re going to jail for that!”

[ad_1] Jo (Wolfgang Bahro) is still surprised that Jay (Christoph Moreno) blackmails his daughter Johanna (Charlott Reschke) with her nude photos. And it gets worse: As he learns, the culprit now claims that Ioanna abused him: Series Nude photos GZSZ Jay turns the tables: Johanna on the dock! Johanna (Charlott Reschke)’s meeting with Jay … … Read more

EBay is coming soon without “Ebay” Life & Knowledge

[ad_1] With around 40 million monthly users, Ebay classifieds is one of the most visited websites in Germany. In the future, the portal will do without Ebay, even if the online retailer’s name does not disappear for three years. In the financial world, the sale of billions of dollars of eBay advertising on the Norwegian … Read more

High protection against infections through vaccinations – health

[ad_1] From Thursday (August 19), in total 590,000 vaccines were administered, this means that there were 12,023 vaccinations compared to the previous week. The first dose of vaccine was given to 327,605 people or 69.8% of the vaccinated population. as 297,395 people or 63.3% are now fully protected of the population as they have completed … Read more