Wednesday , April 14 2021

WSG wants to approach “Sehnsuchtsziel” with victory in Südstadt

INNSBRUCK, AUSTRIA, 20.FEB.21 - SOCCER - typico Bundesliga, WSG Tirol vs. SKN Sankt Poelten.  The picture shows Nikolai Baden Frederiksen (Wattens).  Photo: GEPA / Amir Beganovic Pictures

WSG Tirol is struggling, but it wants to turn things around. Wattener is currently experiencing a “profit crisis”. Despite the good performance, they always left the field as losers in the last three rounds. On Saturday (from 4 pm live on Sky Sport Austria 4 – broadcast the game with SkyX-Traumpass) the Tyroleans will now be invited to the penultimate in the southern part of the city. Admira fights hard not to fall back on the table.

«We are still talking about a scenario that was completely deceptive before the start of the season. Four laps before the end of the regular round, we are in pole position for sixth place – no one thought we could do that“WSG coach Thomas Silberberger said. In his estimation, the team wants “Reach this desired goal with all your might as quickly as possible“Stayed. According to Silberberger, it is also important to stay calm. “I believe that we only need one basic experience to get back in the right direction.


In order to stay in the top six, a victory over Maria Enzerdorf is necessary. Silberberger’s stated goal is three meters. Then, in addition to the first hunter Hartberg – the Styrians will be guests at LASK on Saturday – the result of the game between St. Pölten and Austria (Sunday) would play no role. WSG will have games against Sturm Graz (home), WAC (away) and Rapid (home) until the end of the regular season. All teams from the top half of the table.

Buric: “We have to be fully there from the first second”

Admira performed better in the spring thanks to successful transfers during the transfer window. David Atanga, Andrew Wooten and Matthias Ostrzolek have so far proved to be reinforcements. They recently lost two 2-1 defeats to WAC and LASK. Damir Burik was unhappy. “Unfortunately, the team was not rewarded and did not get anything measurable“, Said the Croat. He urged his team to act more consistently.


Burik does not want to be blinded by Watener’s recent defeats. “They were at least equal in every duel. We have to be completely there from the first second“Stayed. As a penultimate player at the table, Admira is just ahead of Altach, below the table, thanks to the highest number of goals scored. Four points are missing at Zehnten Ried and eight at ninth St. Pölten.

(APA) / Image: GEPA

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