With this type of training you can achieve faster weight loss


What training allows for a quick weight loss?

When we are going to lose more pounds, we are looking for the quickest and most effective ways to reduce our weight. This raises the question of whether brief high intensity training is more effective in losing weight than prolonged heart disease.

Researchers at the Goiás University in Brazil found in their recent research that they are leading to more effective weight loss, HIIT training or long cardio units. Experts published the results of their study in the British journal "British Journal of Sports Medicine".

Many people are trying to stay fit, healthy and weak through sports training. But what form of education actually leads to more effective weight loss? (Photo: fizkes / fotolia.com)

Advantages of HIIT training

The results of the new study have shown that high-intensity brief education (HIIT training) is more effective in weight loss than moderate normal education. The health benefits of interval training have been studied several times in the past, with previous research concluding that such training can accelerate metabolism. Intermediate training consists of short, intensive exercises with short rest periods. This form of training can be used during operation, swimming, cycling or in another form of cardiovascular exercise.

Data from 36 studies were evaluated

In addition to these benefits, many people are wondering which form of exercise is a better way to lose weight. Doctors analyzed data from more than 36 studies to study them. They rated a total of 576 men and 522 women. All participants in the study had different fitness levels and were between 10 and 70 years of age. All courses were trained in the corresponding studies for at least four weeks. Some of the participants did intercourse workouts, and other people took longer, moderate workout for about 30 to 45 minutes each.

HIIT training has led to greater weight loss

In the analysis of the data, the scientists found that all participants were losing weight through training, regardless of whether they had completed regular time-based training or more training. However, HIIT educators had a 28.5% higher weight reduction. Intermediate training resulted in an average weight loss of 1.58 kg compared to an average weight loss of 1.13 kg in subjects who had undergone moderate physical exercise of lower intensity.

HIIT training is not for everyone

However, doctors noted that training at intervals may not be an ideal form of exercise for each individual. It is important to know the potential dangers and limitations associated with higher intensity training, scientists say. For example, such a type of exercise can increase the risk of injury and cause a higher cardiovascular burden.

Space Sprint Training is the most effective form of weight loss

According to the results of the study, sprint training was the most effective form of weight loss. It has been found to be even more effective when combined with regular moderate exercises. Adults between the ages of 19 and 64 are recommended to perform at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise each week, such as cycling or walking, in addition to exercise exercises at least two days a week. Alternatively, it is also recommended that adults combine heavy aerobic activities, such as running or tennis, with two exercise periods each week for 75 minutes. (As)


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