Monday , January 18 2021

Wiener (27) crushes 33 donuts in eleven minutes – Reader

On Sunday 11/11 the Viennese dance school opened the carnival with its traditional notebook – were reported live. A few meters away, in front of the Aida branch at Stephansplatz, they were eaten at the same time. The challenge: who devours most carnival?

Eleven minutes and eleven seconds later, the winner was determined. Samer A. He ate absolutely 33 Aida donuts during this period. The 27-year-old can now look forward to a voucher of 1,111 euros, which can be redeemed in the pink coffee chain.

(Video: Reader Reader)

Either the young man feels so eager for donuts so soon it is questionable. It is good that other sweets from the Esterhazy cuts in Sachertorte taste well in Aida.

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