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Vorarlberg vaccinations increase slowly – coronavirus –

The Health Advisor gives a perspective on the further course of crown vaccinations.

The Health Advisor gives a perspective on the further course of crown vaccinations.
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Health Consultant Martina Rüscher gives a glimpse into the further progress of crown vaccinations.

The first phase of Vorarlberg’s vaccination plan is as good as the one that has been achieved, says health consultant Martina Rüscher with positive news. Although people over the age of 80 and high-risk patients continue to be vaccinated as a matter of priority, vaccinations in some groups have become increasingly common, Rüscher said.

More are available from the vaccine for people under 65 than for people over 65 and people at particularly high risk. Therefore, other occupational groups from phase 2 are already invited to be vaccinated. The regional councilor asks anyone over the age of 65 who belongs to the high-risk group and has not yet communicated to endure: “Anyone who has registered with the country vaccination registration platform will receive a credible personal invitation as soon as the vaccine and free dates “Vaccines are available. No one forgets.”

Increased research by elderly fellow citizens

The health counselor sees herself being called upon to clarify after increasing research, especially by senior citizens. There is absolutely no need to worry, says Rüscher: “Those who are registered on the booking platform will not be forgotten.” Committed individuals will only be invited to make a specific appointment if requirements such as vaccine availability and age or prior illness prioritization are met.

About 125,000 people (including those who have already been vaccinated) have registered on the country’s vaccination registration platform. Vorarlberg residents who are ready to be vaccinated can still contact Sign up for free and voluntary crown vaccination.

Vaccination campaign preparation

The country’s vaccination campaign is being prepared. It is planned to start with the vaccination phase 3, if vaccination can be offered to all citizens due to the adequate availability of vaccines.

Vaccinations are becoming more widespread

In the coming weeks, vaccinations in some groups from the first and second phases of the Vorarlberg vaccination plan will become more widespread, the health official said. This expansion is also made possible by the steadily increasing supply of AstraZeneca vaccine. In addition to patients over the age of 80 and high-risk patients who will continue to be vaccinated as a matter of priority, people with disabilities and health professionals, as well as educators and high-risk patients, will be the focus of vaccination over the next two weeks.

According to the online platform, about 20,000 people are currently being vaccinated in Vorarlberg, of which more than 12,000 have already received a second vaccination.

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